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Volume 3 – Issue 11 Part (2) – July 2018

Using Of Motion And Color Energy In Textile Printing Design Using 3D techniques to document art heritage and preserve it Uses of Applied Arabic Calligraphy Three-dimensional printing and its effect on the interior designer and interior design process The use of printing in the aesthetics of origami art highlighted for the design and implementation of children's clothing review The technical and aesthetic impact of nanotechnology applications on the design of architectural facades The romantic outlook of Oriental women between local and global The role of Visual Identity in brand image building The return of building techniques, addition and simulation on interior design and furniture The Module As a Creative System to Design Ladies' Evening Fabrics. The Marketing Mix and its influence on the Egyptian Brands performance in the Local Market The interior design and furniture program of the Faculty of Applied Arts in Damietta between reality and the hoped The Impact of Investigating Eating Habits on The Creativity of Designing Glass Tableware by using Islamic motifs The Future of Automated Industrial Operations between Hope and Panic The Factors Affecting the Perception of Still and Moving Images The effect of difference weight per square meter and executive Method on the functional performance properties of non- woven surgical medical masks The Decoration Paintings of The Wall Surrounding The Construction Work of The New Annex To The 57357 Hospital Building The Customer favorite color as an effective element in designing living rooms The big advertising idea in integrated marketing communications campaigns (IMC) The aesthetic values of folk jewelry and its use in the development of metal murals Taking advantage of the aesthetic values of Frank Lloyd's thought in modern architectural slots Study on Aesthetic Values of Product Design Packaging's and its Effect on the Consumer Study Of Aesthetic And Functional Values Of (Ebru) Art To Create Fashion Designs Structural Analysis Requirements for Kinematic Function of Pre-fabricated Metal Systems Strategy for Pinpointing the Export Restrictions of Ready-Made Garments and Suggestions Overcome Smart Structural Protective packaging Design Approach for Handicrafts Products Printed fabric ornaments as one of the micro-enterprises of the breadwinners Women Non-electronic interactive methods and their role in the interactive advertising design Interactive Design Technics & the Future of Learning for Kids Integrative mud construction and design treatments For interior spaces of buildings Hero Place and Graphic Space In novel (Body's memory) and (Sensory mess) for Ahlam Mostaghanammy Health and security considerations in museum design Government Housing Crisis in Kuwait( Causes and Solutions Fiber textile and their applications in the architectural fields to achieve good mechanical targets Experimentation and synthesis between modernity and his impact on handicrafts Evolutionary Design Systems in Modern Architecture Evolution of Optical Illusion To keep up with Global Development Effectiveness of the role of design thought on the evolution of ceramic form in modern times Developing time management performance for the design projects of printed upholstery fabrics as a small and medium industry in the Egyptian market Designing database by integrating the principles of Just in time Quick Response & 6 Sigma to improve the quality system in cotton spinning factories. Design for Recycling as One of the Environmental Requirements in Product Design Deconstruction Architecture as a Source for Youth Wear Design Aspects of the change in architectural composition of interfaces in villages Applications of the Plant Decoration morphology in the ecological paintings production Anodic electrochemical methods for processing metal products and their effect on surface quality Analytical vision of contemporary design through the thought of displacement Analysis of the cinematic discourse of Youssef Chahine in view of folklore An approach to Environmental Design, Concepts, Theories and Color Planning Advertising design between visual rhetoric and visual knowledge Women issues between heritage and reality in civilizations
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