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Editors&Arbitrators (2)

Editorial Board of Journal of Heritage & Design

Print ISSN: 2735-5071

Online ISSN: 2735-508X

Board of Editors

President of The Arab Association of Civilization and Islamic Arts ِand Editor-in-Chief

Prof.Dr.Mohamed Zenhom (Egypt)

Professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts – Helwan University – Rapporteur of the Committee on Civilization, Architecture and Arts, league of Islamic Universities – Egypt

E-mail: zana3r@hotmail.com

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Dr. Maha El Halaby (Egypt)

Professor in Interior Design&Furniture Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University – Egypt

E-mail: mahaelhalaby@gmail.com

Managing Editor

Prof. Rasha Mohamed Ali (Egypt)

Professor in Glass Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University – Egypt

E-mail: rashazenhom@gmail.com

Managing Editor

Prof. Amena Bamoun

Director of the frensh Corporation Aptees

E-mail: amena.bammoune@aptees.fr

Editorial Secretary

Dr. Ibrahim Badawy (Egypt)

Management Board member of the Arabic union for culture and creativity – Member of the Civilization, Architecture and Arts Committee, league of Islamic Universities – Egypt

E-mail: Ibrahim.badawy913@gmail.com

Editorial Advisors 

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Ibn Youssef (Canada)

Professor and Consultant in Urban Planning and Social Sciences, Canada

Prof. Ahmed Abdel Salam (Germany)

Professor of Comparative Theology in Islamic Perspective at the Berlin Institute for Islamic Theology at Humboldt University in Berlin

E-mail: abdelsalam@uni-muenster.de

Prof. Rayan Abdullah (Germany)

Professor of the Faculty of Book Art at the University of Visual Arts Germany

 Prof.Dr. Ghilan Hamoud (Yemen)

Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Sana’a University – Yemen

E-mail: ghilan1999@gmail.com

Prof. Wissam Muhammad Bashir Habib Allah

– England

E-mail: dr.wesambesher@gmail.com

Associ. Prof. Dr. Haya Ahmed Ali Al-Qandi

Associate Professor, Department of Interior Design, College of Basic Education, Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait

E-mail: hayaalqandi@gmail.com

 Prof. Amal Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad Abu Zaid

Professor of Curricula and Methods of Teaching Artistic Education, Department of Art Education Sciences, Faculty of Art Education, Minia University

E-mail: amalzeed@yahoo.com

Prof. Wadiaa Bokar

Professor of Painting and Photography, Department of Painting and Arts, University of Jeddah

E-mail: ms-color@hotmail.com

 Assist. Prof. Dr. Marwan Salem Nuri

Assistant Professor – Associate Dean of the College of Basic Education – University of Diyala – Al-Araf

E-mail: marwansalem1983@gmail.com

Prof. Said bin Muhammad bin Saeed Al-Hashemi

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, Department of History, Sultan Qaboos University

Prof. Dr. / Mahdi El-Ghali

Professor of History and Civilization – Ibn Zahr University, Morocco

E-mail: m.elghali@uiz.ac.ma

 Prof. Dr. Saif Rashid Al-Jabri

University Professor – Canadian University – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

E-mail: dr-aljaberi@hotmail.com

Dr. Ahmed Mouloud born his hands

Professor at the Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences at the modern University of Nouakchott, Mauritania

E-mail: Ahmedmaouloud.eida@gmail.com

 Prof. Hala Naief Helal

Professor of Anthropology, Institute of Social Sciences – Lebanese University

E-mail: drhalahilal@gmail.com

 Prof. Mohammed Khalaf

Professor of Archeology Restoration and Conservation, Department of Archeology Restoration, and Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Fayoum University

E-mail: mkk00@fayoum.edu.eg

 Prof. Abdel Rahim Khalaf

Professor, Department of Archeology and Civilization, Faculty of Arts, Helwan University. Head of the Department of Islamic Archeology – Higher Institute for Papyrus Studies and Inscriptions – Ain Shams University

E-mail: ghafki71@yahoo.com

 Prof. Salwa Abdel-Nabi

Professor, Department of Mineral Products and Jewelry, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University

E-mail: dr.salwahassan@hotmail.com 

 Prof. Ashraf Hashem

Professor of Textile and Dean of the Higher Institute of Textile Engineering – El Mahalla El Kobra – Egypt

E-mail: drashrafhashem@yahoo.com

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mustafa Romouzy

Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Creative Design Engineering at the Egyptian Japanese University of Science and Technology

E-mail: ahmed.romouzy@ejust.edu.eg

 Prof. Tariq Ismail

Professor of Industrial Design – Ajman University – United Arab Emirates

E-mail: tarekabdelatif96@hotmail.com

 Prof. Attia Makhzoum Al-Fitouri

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History, Department of History – Faculty of Arts – University of Benghazi

E-mail: attiamelfituri@gmail.com

Prof. Kefaya Khalil Abu Al-Hoda

Professor at Al-Quds Open University (Palestine)

E-mail: kifaya21_7@yahoo.com

 Prof. Murad Arar

Professor at the National Institute of Heritage (Tunisia)

E-mail: mourad_araar@yahoo.fr 

 Prof. Khader Eid Muflih Al-Sarhan

Professor at Al al-Bayt University (Jordan)

E-mail: khsrhan@hotmail.com