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Submission&Ethics of Publishing (1)

Researches Submission:

  • Researcher shall submit a sufficient abstract from 1:2 pages in Arabic and English, types in digital form (Word) for the international reviewer, and then the said abstract shall be handed over or delivered through the email of the Journal, or to the Journal Head Office on CDs, or any of the digital media.
  • Abstract shall include for the research a background, its goals, importance, its methodology, the most important conclusions with a simplified discussion of such conclusions, and then stating the important used references.
  • After the permission of the international arbitrator, the applicant shall submit the original research completely to the local arbitration whether in Arabic or in English, including the annexes, and typed with computer (Word) or on CDs, or through the Journal’s email, to facilitate the suggested amendments by the reviewers after obtaining the permission of publishing and after preparing the pages according to the unified system of typing.
  • Research shall be in A4 paper, size (21 x 29.7), with merges 2.5 cm for each edge, with typing letters (Times New Roman), in font (12) whether for Arabic or English, in (black) color.
  • Pictures/illustrations shall be attached with most possible resolution, separated from the research on CDs, in addition to inserting them with any available resolution on their places on the printed text.
  • Researches, essays, abstracts of thesis, books, symposiums or conferences shall be accepted in Arabic or in English.Researches shall be sent to the following website: https://mjaf.journals.ekb.eg/For Queries email: aacia@aaciaegypt.co


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Ethics of Publishing:

  • Journal shall publish the original scientific research in the field of Architecture and Art   that are written in Arabic or in English The abstract should be presented in English (Certified translation) as (5) pages, including the problem, objective, importance, research methodology, scientific experiments, tables, results and references.
  • The journal allows the author(s) to hold and retain the copyrights.
  • The research must not be published or submitted to be published in any other Journal. That, Researcher undertakes such condition and to not submit it to another entity till taking the proper decision in that regard.
  • The research must not be a part of a published book or thesis that have been discussed before.
  • The origins of the delivered researches to the Journal shall not be returned, whether they were published or not.
  • The research will be submitted to a program to check for plagiarism before sending to be arbitrated; In case of more than 25%, plagiarism the research would be sent back to the author.
  • Write references in “Chicago” or “Franco” way.