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Peer Review Process (3)

The publishing organization realized the importance of the logistic work that is concerned with receiving researches till the stage of printing them, in order to ease the procedures and the difficulties, the publishing organization used a program that contains the following stages:

1- Sending the research to two reviewers who are specialized in the field of the research, to respond within 21 days.

2- to be scientifically judged (double anonymous arbitration) which means hiding the name of the author when sending the research to be arbitrated.

3- In case of the reviewers’ approval, the research will be transferred to file with the name ”articles ready for publishing”.

4- In case of one of the reviewer refuses the research, the research will be sent to a third reviewer who will decide to accept or refuse the debated research.

5- In case of acceptance under modifications, the research will be sent back to the author to undergo the required modifications.

6- The reviewers are committed to fill in a detailed on-line form about the arbitrated research on the website that clarify the reasons of acceptance or rejection.

7- The publishing committee eventually revise the research and prepare it according to the international standards of publishing, and the research will be ready for the final release.