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Submission&Ethics of Publishing (3)

The Requirements of the Submitted Text for Publishing:

  1. Assure that the text has been studied completely, linguistic revised, free of any orthographic or grammar errors, and didn’t breach any system of the intellectual property.
  2. Researcher shall submit main title page in Arabic and English stating the study’s title, author/authors’ names, their full addresses, summarized biography (name, qualification, scientific grade, workplace and name, e-mail), with five to seven terminologies in both Arab and English (suggested keywords by the researcher) expressing about the study’s content.
  3. Researcher shall submit two abstract for the study in about 250 words, one in Arabic, and the other in English.
  4. When typing the study it will use the font of (Arabic Simplified) as follows: Title: size (16) medium in the line and bold – author’s name: size (14) medium in line – keywords: size (14) – text: size (12) – side titles: must be short and clearly specified in bold without numbers.
  5. Side titles shall ne short and specified in bold without numbers.
  6. Figures, tables and graphs shall be in high resolution in black and white and avoiding the heavy shadow.
  7. Each table and figure will separately numbers, with short title for each of them to be typed below the table and figure, then to type the source below table or figure.
  8. By using Microsoft Word (A4), study volume shall be about twenty pages or less, where ten pounds shall be paid against any additional page, as all pages shall have a serial number.
  9. Researches shall be arranged as follows: (Research title, abstract, the research, the research importance, the research goal, the research terminologies, the research method, the theoretical framework of the research, the precedent studies, the research procedures, conclusions’ analysis and explanation, recommendations and suggestions, Arabic references & foreign references.

The required objects to be handed over:

  1. 1. Researched shall be submitted printed in a copy according to the required text to be published.
  2. 2. Author shall submit an electronic version of the research with Microsoft Word, where the electronic version can be satisfied.
  3. 3. Researcher shall attach his/her biography including his/her name in both Arabic and English, his/her current workplace (university & faculty), with his/her academic and scientific ranks and the important researches.
  4. 4. Research handing over message.
  5. 5. Publishing confirmation.

Researches shall be sent to email: i.f.c.a2024@gmail.com

Or to the following address:

Building 3 flat 2 – Extension of Hope Project – Police Buildings – Highway – Cairo.

B.O. Box: 11431 – Arab Republic of Egypt

Tel: 02 27000757  –  Mobile: 01069496282

Ethics of publishing:

The journal publishes genuine scientific researches in fields of design and humanistic heritage that are written in Arabic or English language, with a summary to be introduced translated in English (certified translation) for the Arabic research within 5 pages that include the problem, goal, significance, methodology, scientific experiments, charts, results and references of the research paper.

The journal allows authors to hold on and keep their copyrights, conditioned that the research has never been published or introduced to be published at any other magazine. The researcher should provide an assurance that the paper will not be introduced to any other destination till a decision is taken regarding the research paper.

The paper shouldn’t be a part of a published book or a scientific thesis that has been discussed earlier. The original copy that is provided to the journal shall not be returned back to the author whether it is published or not.

The paper will be subjected to excerption checking program before being sent to be arbitrated, in case it passes a percent of 25% of a reference, the research will be returned to its author. References should be written in Chicago or Franco style.