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Volume 2 – Issue 8 – October 2017

Contemporary vision of the triangle as a heritage formative motif in textile design in Saudi Arabia Civilizations are a harmonization not clashes Applied arts between contemporary and modernism Analytical study of the stick as a product Activation of Morpho theory in designing contemporary glassy walls A study of the relationship between the publisher and author and how it is A dialog among lines, colors and textile structures as an entrance to design Virtual simulation as an interactive learning environment and its role in Use of technology in the formulation of decorative patterns developed for To benefit from the Islamic trims in innovating ceramic jewels using the Decal The traditional steam baths in old Sanaa city The Role Played by the Material World in the Creation and Maintenance of The role of Fashion Photography in Fashion Design field The role of digital art in directing artistic works inspired by The philosophical significance of Islamic engineering design and it’s effect on The morphology is supporting the design through inspiring from the natureAssist The Interior design Considerations of the house in Islamic architecture in Egypt The impact of Islamic arts in the modern and contemporary works of the The impact of digital interactive design styles on Egyptian child’s behavior The humanitarian values in advertising and their rule in positive stimulation. The historical indication and the religious symbolism of the hippo in ancient The formative flexibility to meet the renewable humanitarian requirements The effect of Voronezh manuscripts on building the ceramic shape The effect of some Structures of weft knitted jacquard on some Functional The effect of some building structural factors of fabrics of workers uniform at The effect of religion on the woman’s life in the African society The Concept of smooth Architecture and its Impact on Interior Design The art of illustration on walls in Pharaonic Egypt and it’s effect on designing The aesthetical theory of stripping between the Islamic arts and the western arts. The Abstract in Kandinsky Paintings as an input for creating Supporting the ambient guidance and counseling system by using Studying the Islamic curriculum to build symbolic significances to be applied Skills of creative thinking to develop the furniture units using glass. Shock in the Public Service Advertising Physical and non-physical dimensions of the product and their importance Omar the Khalifa and his role in establishing the humanitarian civilized oligomers for enhanced textile printing Most important titles and expressions relevant to the Methodology of decorative styles studies Jerusalem Copts and their impact in the urban and cultural life at holy Islamic civilization and its interaction with human civilizations Islamic civilization and human rights Evaluating the mental image of Egypt in tourism posters and how appropriate Dismantling and innovation between originality and contemporary in the Designing a visionary
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