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Volume 3 – Issue 12 Part (2) – October 2018

The role of digital techniques in Stop Motion Puppet features The Role of astronomy in Islamic Painting of stars and their artistic symbols The Role Of Art In the behavior modification in children through interactive drawings The quality of the digital image produced in the Egyptian television between reality and hope The psychology of preparing the leading teacher as one of the most important axes of advancing the development wheel in Egypt The impact of using digital management systems on following up the consumption in Al-Ahram newspaper press The impact of the use of the design criteria of printed advertising in achieving aesthetic and expressive values The Impact of Technological Development of the Cameras on the Final Form of the Motion Picture in Visual Content The Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron - Palestine The foundations of design between theory and application and finding different solutions to The Evolution of the Sculptural Forming Of the Acanthus Plant and Its Role in Applied Sculpture The evolution of Ottoman carpet decoration The Alternate Relation Between The 3D Geometrical Matrix and The Arabic Letter to Print Designs Textile Hanging The aesthetic and functional values of Islamic art and its role in enriching the visual fabric of society in the modern era Symbolic in folklore as a creative source in ceramic murals Sustainability standards for interior design for the contemporary home Yemeni Solutions of Environmental Graphic Design in building Spaces Role of Interior Designer in Developing Office Performance through Role of E-Loyalty in Enhancing Brand Value and Position Processors of Arabic fonts from the folklore in contemporary Egyptian identity Performance evaluation systems and their role in raising the human resources efficiency in printing, publishing, and packaging firms Modern techniques to treatment of ceramic surfaces Maximizing the Rule of Augmented Reality Technology for Interactive Advertising in commercial malls Light`s effect on the appearance of the structural design in the lighting units with multi parts Inspired printed designs on textile pendants by the formless mono-type method and its application by Impact of Interactive Design on Display Techniques in Commercial Units Features of Egyptian Personality in OMAR AL NAGDI’S Works that was Fashion Design and the Glamorous Of Polka Dot Evaluation study of water-based polyurethane composite as a coating for various textile fabrics Effect of Different Filling Ratio of Multi-Layers Jacquard Weft Knitted Fabrics on Its Performance Properties Digital Technology in the Design of Virtual Cinematography Sites Develop interactive learning content to increase educational effectiveness DESIGN OF EXHIBITION UNITS IN EGYPTIAN FEATURES WITHIN EXHIBITION SUITES AT Design of applications Augmented Reality using digital media in order to way finding the path and its inclusion on the Electronic devices and its effects on the recipient Design methods in the application of fractal geometry in design of women printed fabrics Contemporary vision of furniture unit design through the philosophy of Islamic thinkers Collage as a Digital Technique in Innovating of Printing Challenges Facing Soft White Gradients in Flexography Printing Benefiting from the popular heritage, to create print designs for Animation impact in guiding public opinion Animation Ads Between Modernity and Identity Al – Kaaki palace in Salama district of Taif Aesthetics of Najd Doors Between the Rooting of Arab Identity and Creative Thinking Abstract and painting creation of Ancient Egyptian calligraphy and spread the culture of identity Visual arts and their role in preserving culture and identity Traditional handicrafts as a field of creativity for the Egyptian child The Theory of Fashion In between Social Studies and Cultural Studies The symbolic significance of the design and its role in rooting the Egyptian identity The role of sustainable environmental architecture in the interior design of tourist resorts The Role of Smart and Intelligent Packaging Techniques in Increasing Pharmaceutical Packaging
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