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Volume 3 – Issue 10 Part (1) – April 2018

The influence of Islamic art on the design of the functional product Using color management systems to adjust the ink Keys at the litho offset sheet feed printing machine UNE NOUVELLE VISION CRÉATIVE DE CONCEPTION SUR LES BASES IDENTITAIRES ISLAMIQUES DES MOSQUÉES EN ALGÉRIE. The use of future technologies to develop architectural learning spaces in Egypt The tourist’s advertising design between the symbolic picture and the global reality The theory of numbers in Islamic art as one of the sources of inspiration in modern interior design The Technical mechanisms to display the 3D garment designs online The Symbolic Meaning for Divinity concept and Landscape Representation in “Victory Stele of Naram-Sin The roll of oriental painters in preserving the Arab heritage of the 19th century The role of Digital Art in Mural Painting at Italian Metro Stations The religious regulations of architecture of Islamic hammams The psychology of color and its effect on the aesthetic taste of architectural facades The impact of globalization and cultural identity in contemporary architecture The Efficiency of QR codes in the creativity of advertising for smart phone systems The Effects of Light Intensity on Tracing Digital Image into Vector Image The Devolpment Stages of Royal Tomb Structure in Ancient Egypt The design of creative apparels employing bead weaving techniques The aesthetic philosophies of interior design ‎ aesthetics ‎ through the ages Technological compatibility of building materials and its environmental impact on interior design Taking advantage of various ceramic products in designing Japanese flower arrangement as an aesthetic and economical value Religious Establishments in Egypt in Prehistoric and Early Era Reciprocity in the art of ceramics to achieve contemporary ceramic sculpture Realistic applicable projects as a motivation to stimulate design students' creativity Towards an effective design teaching Quality Control of Rubber Band in Clothing Products PHILOSOPHY OF SUFI THOUGHT AS AN INTRODUCTION TO THE CREATION OF CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE Ornamentations of Aznik ceramics as an input to enrich Designs of printed ladies' dresses Nubian Visual Culture for Contemporary Artistic & Printed Textile Designs nspired by an Arabic alphabet of contemporary Gothic writings Technical vision from Caligrafia to Tibogravi Latent Energy of Space Dynamics as an Aesthetic Source in the Arab Lathing Innovated Clothes to In Reach Fashion Design For Working Woman Implementing Green Manufacturing at Sewing Room in Medium Implement Nostalgia in Building Advertising Message Images of Bahram Core and the Seven Princesses in the light of a five manuscript preserved by the Walters Gallery - Peltmore Heritage as an input to self-identity in contemporary art Develop small dolls as an educational tool to teach shape in apparel design principles subject Design Solutions 4 Crafts Development in Egypt( A Strategic Approach to anticipate challenges and to optimize choices Design of Egyptian sporting online news (Analytical Study) Creative integration and Interconnectivity between the various Textile printing techniques and Interior design Contemporary tools in developing handicrafts of block printing textile Concept of Abstract as Approach for Applying the Method of Formal Criticism in the Field of Painting Biomimicry as an innovation in modern Architecture Design Arabic letters as units of artistic design in Islamic manuscripts Apparel design as a threshold of boosting Egyptian Children's nationalism An Innovative Vision to Activate the Aesthetics of Glass Ornaments in Ladies' Printed Fabrics Design An analytical study of Islamic decorations according to the principles of the Gestalt school Aesthetics forming of interior design Advanced identity and their impact on contemporary interior design Activation of E-learning in the system of study at the University of Imam applied to the decision to edit elements of the... (Al-tally) ascension journey from an Egyptian folk art to international fashion trend Visual identification criteria for the design of the publications manual of establishments or bodies according to their activities
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