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Volume 2- Issue 7 – July 2017

Muslim family between legislation laws and globalization challenges Islamic elements flexibility in realizing their values inside architectural space and their effects on contemporary directions of the design Islamic Art as an inspiring source of aesthetic and functional integration among glass and fabrics in designing the wall hangings Intelligent design and its support to the design philosophy Evaluating the Dominant Theories on the Genesis of the Mosque Type Effect of” Renock” signs of possession on Mamluk ceramics Designing information by Using the hologram Cultural diversity and its impact on formulations aesthetic ceramic mosaic in Islamic Art Civilization and establishing human rights, his liberty and dignity Biological Simulation and its applications in the architectural shape and interior Benefiting by sculpture glass in architectural beautification Benefit from the tributary and mechanisms of natural creativity Artistic, archeological study to a collection of coppery booths at the middle of Delta Appearances of effect and being affected between the Islamic and Chinese civilizations Amulets to treat heart arrhythmia that are made of precious stones during the Indian Woman and her contribution at science and art in the Islamic civilization Turkish and Persian effects on the architecture in Sham Tripoli city The use of Voronoi Structural System as an artistic Approach to Drawing & Painting The relation between the design philosophy and the philosophy value The mutual relation between Chinese and Islamic civilizations The light screens and effectiveness in the interior space Islamic architecture The liberation manifestations in Islamic illustration from the Umayyad period till the end of the Safavid era The informative role of the foundational script The Influences of the State on the Egyptian Decorative Arts in Tel el-Amarna The importance of Arabic writing inscriptions to the traveler son of Jbeir in his book The Golden Ratio in The Subdivisions of Islamic Wood Lathe of Architecture Facades The flexibility of the Islamic architecture The effect of texture in the fine diversiform arts, in achieving aesthetics of the glass product that is formulated by (pate de verre) method The effect of multiple thermoforming techniques on showing properties of (Color - transparency - texture) of glass The dialogue and its role in consolidating the principles of peaceful coexistence The arts of Andalusia that are affected with Islamic arts as a source of developing design for engraving textile hangers Technological demands to produce glass stereophonic by using 3 dimensional printer Symbol, function and beauty, controlling values in internal design and furniture in holy Mecca Sufism and its effect on the Islamic art Sceneries and decorations of metallic box from the Fajarian era that add new features to art of Islamic depiction Rocky drawings and inscriptions and benefiting by them in designing room for space to glass internal architecture Reality and future of the electronic education at Al-Taif university Publishing and studying the photos of (Iraqi masterpiece) manuscript New highlights on delicate wood etching in Islamic Egypt Nature as a source of inspiration for the animation designer
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