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Volume 3 – Issue 12 Part (1) – October 2018

The Trend of Eco – Technology as one of the Trends of Modern and Contemporary Environmental Architecture The Role of Egyptian Women in Finding Different Solutions for the Development and Marketing of Hand Products THE ROLE OF ART AND CIVILIZATION AFFIRMAATION OF THE ARABIC IDENTITY The role of Camera in Immersion Experience during Viewing Stereoscopic Cinema The modern Techniques in Contemporary Performing Art Shows The marketing value added to print variable designs by Ink Jet The impact of the fourth dimension on the development of dynamic design in interior and furniture design The Impact of the Digital Painting on caricature developing The future of interactive furniture Design opportunities vs. limitations The Development impact of Academic Curricula in teaching Art and Design The Concept of Evolution in Furniture Design The complementary relationship between the design of ceramic murals and hotel interior design The basics of marketing strategy on social media The artistic and technical aspects of the shadow puppet art and its impact in the animation films Teaching methodology of Environment Studies and Science for different departments of Applied Arts faculty Sustainable interior Design and its impact on school buildings Studying the prophetic supply in Islamic Egypt from the Ottoman era until the end of the reign of King Fouad I Studying the development of professional standards for the coverage of the news broadcast in the news bulletins on the TV of Sewing and Embroidering of Knitted Garments by Adding Artificial Leather Random thinking and its impact on the Egyptian identity in contemporary interior design Possibility of using polymer banknotes for Egyptian currency production Participatory Design in the Design of Domestic Cookware New technique using light for fixing solubilized vat dyes Islamic Values its impact on tourist room design. Inspired Designs of Textile Hangings from the Abstract Art of Kandinsky and applying them using the style of Gobelin Graphical processors to Place animated characters in the TV series intros From the Manuscript Line to the Typography of the manuscript Elements of the artistic image in the Musical scenes Youssef Chahine Films Egyptian Surrealism in The Printable Design of Ladies Clothes appurtenances Digitizing innovative ways in the curricula of innovative industrial design Developing a Methodology for the Structural Connection of Prefabricated Components in Metal Furnishing and Construction Systems Designing of social media advertising campaigns on the Internet Design considerations of metal castings and their impact on the quality of product surface Continuity of Communication between Interior Design and Architecture with the Identity of Egyptian Society Claytronics atoms (Catoms) as one of the future techniques in modeling and Modification design ideas Civilization - and the building of creative human Basics of Design Criteria to Produce Designs for the Environment of the Mentally Retarded Child Applying Feng Shui Principles to Interior Design An Overview of the Egyptian Cheese Packaging Closing Opening System and its Future Trends Advertising Idea between social meaning and receiver behavior A proposed study for the translation of a test form for pre-test and post-test in sign language for A proposed strategy to enhance the role of three-dimensional animation techniques A Future Vision for the recycling of agricultural waste, and the impact of their applications on Design of furniture WATER IN ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE STUDY OF THE WATER DISPENSARY (SABIL) Using intelligent color control techniques in fashion design Using digital printers in spot color proofing Use One-Dimensional Barcode To create new designs used for necktie fabric Time Management System Activation as an Entrance to Improve the Quality of Interior Design Projects The user interface of the responsive website between flat design and material design The use of nanotechnology technology in the development of advertising idea
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