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Volume 3 – Issue 10 Part (2) – April 2018

The Virtual factory as an innovator to support design and training processes within the applied arts system The use of different printing and dyeing methods as an inspiration source for the designer of ladies' clothing according the international fashion trends The role of Islamic art in maintaining the identity and its relationship with modern arts The Infographic and Recruitment it in the design of Television Advertising The Influence of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems on Apparel Factories The Functional Content of Islamic Architecture between Innovation and Sustainability The effect of different twist factor of worsted wool yarns on some performance properties of woven worsted fabrics The Effect of Altering Weave Structures and Martial Type on the Performance Efficiency of Double Denim Fabric The drawings of the superstitious and complex objects in the Ottoman arts The Corian between Flexibility and The concept in interior spaces. The concept of biomimetic and its impact on interior design and furniture in the presence of digital techniques The benefit of Arabesque art Throw printing with glass powder on glass surfaces The aesthetics of the Arabic calligraphy and its formations in the glass architectural facades The aesthetic values of African art to use in the interior design of tourist facilities The advantages of the interactive digital advantages through new media Technological development in the area of formation of metal jewelry to enrich the process cycle of artistic creativity Symbol as a cinematic language and the possibility of interpretation of the subjects of the popular proverb Studying the role of info graphic designs to simplify the media message and facilitate the transfer of information and targeted data to the public Study of the effect of the impregnation of the twisted yarns of the terrestrial fabric of the base fabrics on natural and mechanical properties. Study of Properties of Banana Fiber, Extracted from Egyptian trees Semiology of the Photography Image in the Movie Poster Role of Sculpture in Achieving the Historical Spirit and Aesthetic Values of the Architectural Formation of the Temple of Luxor Printing cotton fabrics with creative designs using printing pastes of different rheological properties Orientalism role in the fairness of the Arabic civilization The Modern Scientific Applications that Must Be Used in the Restoration and Conservation of Monuments Maximizing the role of Islamic culture and civilization and its return to the Architectural arts In European civilization Interactive advertising applications in display Windows inspired by natural elements Improve The Bursting Strength Property Of Warp-Knitted Fabrics According to its Various Constructions Icons of the chairin the Church of the Virgin Mary Baharat Zewaila (An archaeological study of art) Future vision of the publishing system at Taif University Embedding Cultural Design in Product Design Syllabus Effectiveness of visual thinking strategy in designing advertising posters Effect of use Gaseous Laser on Natural and Mechanical Properties for some Cotton and Polyester Fabrics Digital color spaces and its role in influencing and controlling color quality of traditional and digital cinema image Developing the innovative ability of the glass designer to design his products using the Rino program Developing the creative abilities of students in the field of fashion arts through the creation of printed fashion designs influenced Creativity in the use of Grid system of the computer three-dimensional programs in the product design Creative coding practices for media artists & designers in Egypt Contemporary technical treatment in the use of hologram technology in the design of theater costumes Community identity and its relationship to design determinants of advertising campaigns for women's issues Color between lighting and interior design in dramatic scene Clothes of the specialists in Christian religion in Egypt in some communities Architectural processors in theater halls that achieving The quality of sound and light systems Arabic Islamic effect on the European west; An innovative entrance in fashion design through graphic art A Contemporary Artistic Vision for Color Application as a Creative Effect in Women’s Printed Fashion Design Inspired by Mondrian’s Works A comparative study of the impact of using traditional and electronic marketing on printed books A Comparative Study of LEED Standards and Principles of Sustainability in Islamic Architecture A Comparative Study between Profile and Helen Armstrong Patterns And to make use of them in the implementation of the Egyptian women's jacket Treatment of Firefighter's Suit against Fire to Increase Its Effectiveness
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