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Volume 3 – Issue 11 Part (1) – July 2018

The philosophy of difference in the Islamic architecture and its impact on the interior space The Inevitability of Coordinating the Objects of Elements of Public Squares Environment The impact of using Passive solar energy upon the housing interior design in modern urban societies In the Republic of Egypt The Impact of the Organic Theory on The Origami Concept The impact of Islamic thought on the civilizational advancement of Muslims The folk heritage and the origination of an Egyptian national identity in jewelry design The Effect of Using the Algorithm System on the Generate Ideas in Interior Design and Furniture The effect of the use of woolen yarn with a different twist factor of the milling properties of Worsted fabrics The Effect of FM Screens in the Printing Colors In Local Print Houses The Different Artistic trends and interpretations dealing with Women's Issues in the Old and Modern Murals The developed cosmic in the cultural heritage and its impact on the design of the future interior space The Conceptual Environmental design and its Impact on the Umberellas metal Design as one methodolgy of Light Metal Construction the aesthetics of the language of the image in the The musical film Technological innovations in the field of not albedo and its impact on the design of the units is not internal and external metal albedo Scenography of theatrical Performance between Realism and Abstractionism Role of Interactive infographics in the Interior design of contemporary museums Religion and Islam are a major source of civilization and its advancement Production of Arabic Fonts for use in Printing Equipment Principles of visual identity building for guidance systems in exhibition Booths Philosophy of Contemporary Environmental Design in view of Antonio Gaudi Artifacts Philosophical strategies to design advertising campaigns to support the moral and value system of society Opportunities and risks of nanotechnology - changes in some of the main properties associated with comfortable in cellulose materials Metaphysics as intellectual emitter in the formulation and forming architectural output Measuring the achievement of educational quality standards in designing an Infographic label as a modern optical communication medium Innovative methods for the design and application of the glass surface appearance utilizing of visual art techniques Grids as important elements for Good Design Geo-environmental risk assessment around Qayitbay castle, Rosetta, Egypt, using remote sensing and GIS techniques Fauvism and cubism schools as a source of innovation for textile accessories design Employment of interactivity in the design of museum display methods Egyptian identity source of creative thought in interior design Design systems for visual fraud are a source of innovation for printed fabric designs Deriving the Environmental Problems and Solutions Using Satellite Images Analysis around the Archaeological Mosque of Sultan Al-Zahir Baybars At Cairo, Egypt Deriving the Environmental Problems and Solutions Using Satellite Images Analysis around the Archaeological Mosque of Sultan Al-Zahir Baybars Creating Contemporary Women’s Fashion Design Inspired by Mixed Media Art Contemporary design vision for furniture towards Art Nouveau style heritage revival consideration for achieving the concept of sustainable design in industrial design Benefit from robotic construction kits in interactive modeling Automatic Forging Dies and their Role in Improving Prefabricated Architectural Iron Products Components Application of Transparent Concrete in the interior design of smart houses Analytical Study for the Scarfs of Holly Mosque Visitors Aesthetics of Egyptian graphic art as a source of innovation in textile printing design A comparative study between Lycra Blending ratios on different fibers and structures of Weft Knitted Fabrics produced for Outer Clothes Visual culture, and its role in asserting the identity of the architectural sculptor Using morphological analysis as a methodology in generating creative development scenarios; those can be easily prepared, evaluated and sorted. Using 3D Printing Technology to Embody Kandinsky's Motifs in Fashion Designs for Women Use glass to create innovative design solutions for administrative interior design and furniture by Islamic design The Strategy of memes in advertising and its role in achieving persuasion The Seljuk's Cat Censers( A New Study) The Relationship of the ancient Egyptian artist with authority and its impact on his artistic production The reflecting of the plurality of humanistic values on the formation of the reception hall in the contemporary Touristic facility
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