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Volume 2- Issue 6 – April 2017

French diplomacy of King Louis IX during his stay on the island of Cyprus Foreign effects in notation of Persian language rules Expressional ways of ideological concepts Emulating Ecosystems as a Basis for contemporary interior design Lessons from Islamic architecture Digital role in the 3D signal output of satellite signals Creativity of Design for Alternative Invisible Geometry (Girih) The Formation of Interior Elements through Growth Repetitive Patterns in Architecture and Islamic Arts Creative strategy for shadows as an obtained artistic value in advertisement Color in Islamic Architecture and its impact on interior design Artistic archaeological study to collection of wooden and bony antiques Arabic visual poetry between linguistic expression Arab Women and Islamic Art analytical study of the modalities for the Search Titleestablishment of Islamic houses and the use of air resources as the most important source of renewable energy An Emotional Design Approach to Develop New Cultural Products AL-MOTEBIAH Taiz City Yemen. Between beneficial and aesthetic Aesthetics carved trappings on the wooden outdoors of the archaeological city of Al-Hajarayn in Yemen women's role in the cultural building from a book (Baghdad history )by Al Khatib Al – Baghdadi Validity of the survival and transformation of Islamic art in the interior design across time and place The Philosophy of Locality Choice of Major Ayyubid and Mamluk Khanqahs in Cairo The influence of Islamic decorative arts on their European counterparts The features of Islamic sculpture and their impact on the work of the sculptor Marino Marini The effect of multiple thermoforming techniques on showing properties of (Color transparency texture in glass The effect of moving elements on the wall treatments and how efficient they are in affecting the receiver The Curriculum in Writig about the Andalusian Civilization Agerman Orientalist The Creativity Elements in Hani El Masri's visual Development for Animation The concept of media and its connection with cultural heritage The Benefit from Ergonomics Thought and Islamic Architecture Philosophy in the development of modern metal facades Technology of three dimentional photography Studying the psychological dimension of colors in designing internal spaces Study hiring potential of Modern digital technology& multimedia for the development of intellect and creative design to produce a declaration Printed Advertising Role of Islamic endowment in mosques architecture and it’s effect on Islamic civilization Restoration of material and moral values of internal holes Religious writings on the popular class Rectangular pendant In light of the objects stored in Platforms of Zagazig city mosques inn 13th to 19th century Hijiry year Painting in Islamic art Line as a formative element in the Contemporary Relief Sculpture in the West Islamic art basics as an introduction to teaching design and developing the designing thinking in furniture and metal constructions fields Islamic Art as a Concept for residential Furniture Design with Their Upholstery Fabrics which Characterized by modernity Interactive Design in open public places Islamic architecture as a source of inspiration Between philosophy and application Innovative technological methods to form glass paste Innovative Designs For Upholstery Fabrics Inspired From Traditional Units Using Jacquard Weft Knitting Technique
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