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Volume 4 – Issue 15 – May 2019

Using the Transformation Concept in Creating Safari Multi- Towards innovative Formation in interior design The visual content of violent scenes in films; and their impact on society The use of teamwork in the design of mural works The Third dimension Design of glass painting art between The Philosophy of Al-Qatt Al-Asiri and the Role of the Woman in the The impact of the philosophy and ideology of The Gemstones Through The writing of Mughal Ind The effectiveness of blended learning strategy to develop students' The concept of sustainable design and its impact on the quality of the The benefit of Arabic calligraphy aesthetics to enrich youth’s The architecture of the mosque in Algeria between the Taking advantage of the modern technological possibilities of shuttle-less Symbolic significance of the animal element in the ancient Sentimentalism and Contemporary Art in Interpreting Saving Energy through Technological Develop Print children's clothing in a variety of contemporary designs Modern Technical Variables and Their Impact on Fresco painting Linking the structural design of the costume and the decorative design to Invention of Textile Designs by using of (WAPAP Art) style Interaction between design elements in organic trend Intellectual Dialogue between Organic Architecture And Post - Modernism To Improving Functional Performance of Kitchens Towels by using Modal fibers Improve the perception of the curriculum by using Implementing a proposed methodology for blended learning to raising the Heritage and Identity as a resource for the development Formulations of the popular decorative units in the Kingdom of Sa Environmental scenario as approach for achieving Enhance Printing quality of additional special colors by usi Employing knitted fabrics characteristics in design and Embed RFID chip as a security add value to large Design Requirements for Jewelry used as Fashion Accessories in Theatrical Plays Contemporary interior design between the currents of change and the origins of Egyptian identity Consideratons for Glass Balusters Design In Architecture Combine Jacquard Style with Embroidery to Cre Cathedrals and churches of the pilgrimage routes for Cathedral of Application of 3D Printing in Interior Design and Furniture Aesthetic Vision of Trimming on Dress Form Design Inspired by Al-Baha Folklore (Altahtib) as one of Duel of sticks Features of identity in Egyptian Cinema Visual Identity as a system to enhance the City Image
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