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Volume 3 – Issue 9 – January 2018

creativity Freedom in teaching mural painting Creating Designs for Jeans Trousers Inspired by Islamic art using Laser Engraving _Technique Controversy about Form follows what is in product design Consultant of manufacturing and development of ready-made clothes, Color Therapy in Lady Fabrics Printed Design Analytical vision of the urban development map in the marine oases Aesthetic aspects for the Mosque of Ibn Tulun and patchwork techniques on A Study of the effect of the variation in the strength of the annexation, the number of wefts A contemporary design vision of ablution spaces in Women veiled in the design of advertising between the Utilization of the aesthetics of geometric decorations in creation of printing Topology as a way of creativity and innovation This study deals with the study of mihrabs of the mosques of the The technological development of the television image and The Role of Textile Wall Hanging In Achieving Aethetical And Functional Values In the Internal Architecture Of The rapeutic The role of preventive maintenance in the preservation of archaeological The role of creative thinking techniques in Universal design process The labyrinth as a source of inspiration in interior design and The Interior architecture design essential consideration of heritage spaces The Influence of Visual Perceptual Constancy on Attracting Attention The Influence of Islamic Cultural Identity on European Arts The influence of communication philosophy in twitter form and content wise on the Saudi community, Jeddah, king Abdelaziz University 1436h The Impact of the Andalusian Industrial The Effectiveness of Mental Energy The Effect of Altering some Structural Elements on Properties of Summer The diversity of chairs designs through distinct civilizations in some selected The Civilizational Message of Islam The art design and technique used in illustrated Spanish manuscript in the The aestheticism of processing walls by using repetitive sculpture slab The Aesthetical Approach in Urbanism and Architectural Identity in Teaching methodology of ceramics techniques through the visual Postmodernism in Western Art - Beginning and Evolution Ornamentations of Aznik ceramics as an input to enrich Designs of printed ladies’ dresses Muslims and Christians are examples of peaceful coexistence in Andalusia Montessori Education as a New Method for Teaching Methods of Creating Innovative Ideas in Social Awareness Advertisements Linguistic Characters in the aesthetic Composition of Contemporary Interior architecture for temporary emergency spaces Integrate enhanced reality technology with print media as an added value Innovative system for forming the Arabic calligraphy in the Images of Bahram Gore and the Seven Princesses in the light of a five manuscript manuscript preserved by the Walters Gallery - Peltmore History of Crusades Arts in Medieval Ages Future vision for development of handicraft knitting to meet the needs of Formtography as reproduction without molds in the world of Employing Aesthetic Possibilities of Compu Dobby loom’s weavings Effect of Light Techniques on Contemporary Sculpture Art Document of the establishment of Mustafa Jafar House in Cairo Design and implementation of clothing to check the
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