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Volume 8 – Issue 39 – May 2023

Transforming Arab Cities into age-friendly cities Indicators of Public Spaces and Buildings Toward achieving Age-Friendly public open space The use of the agammograph technique in implementing awareness hangings- an applied experience The strategy of reimagining urban design in preparation The Role of Variables witnessed by the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan in develop the Photojournalism The role of the logo in preserving the Egyptian visual identity in the era of globalization The impact of the development of theatrical architecture on the scenography of theatrical performance The impact of Internet of things technology on aspects of product design The Impact of community awareness on the sustainability of the architectural and urban heritage in Al Quds The Effect of Fashion Psychology on the Consumer in Light of COVID-19 The benefit of the jacket sewing technology in implementing double faced jacket The Appreciation Issue of Contemporary Artwork in View of Parnassian School and the Theory of Art for Art's Sake The Aesthetics of String Theory Design Structure as a Source for Innovating Creative Metal Pendants Technology and materials and their impact on the Relief sculpture in the open-air museum display Sustainable Urban preservation methods towards reviving the heritage village of Shali, Siwa Oasis Sustainability standards and their impact on contemporary sculpture design Standards of industrial product design and its relationship to user behavior guidance role of movement in the visual perception of the meaning of fantasies from the viewpoint of the artist Rereading Contemporary Architecture Principles to achieve zero carbon buildings Implementation Barriers and Suggested Solutions Optical rhythms Optical rhythm aesthetic values and their Effects on the artwork Nostalgia in Contemporary Egyptian Architecture Interior design of administrative spaces according to the theory of Interior design and its impact on students' behavioral problems Inspiration from Wissa Wassef's tapestry pendants in painting art Research and applied experience. Innovative thinking to add aesthetic value to the animated logo Innovation of Women Garment Designs through Employing Geometrical Pleats Fixed by Heat Setting Incorporating 3d Printing Techniques, As A Step Forward for Upgrading the Design Process in Architectural Education Evaluation The Effectiveness of Some Consolidants for Preservation of Limestone in Hathor Temple at Memhis, Egypt Employing The Vocabulary of Jordanian Heritage in The Interior Design of Accommodation Units in Tourist Facilities Employing motion graphics videos in public awareness advertisements on social media platforms Effective use of digital technology and employing its capabilities in achieving artistic values in decorative design Digital Fabrication Systems between Theory and Practice Development of Innovative Design Entries for the Hanging Printed Fabrics Based on Philosophical Construction of Ego Creating girls casual wear designs influenced by the characteristics of Japanese street fashion style Contemporary textile visions that make use of nature and conceptual art Computational Investigation for The Windcatcher Top Roof Length Effect on Indoor Air Quality – simulation study Chapels and altars of the Papal Apostolic and Principal Cathedrals of the Catholic Pilgrimage in the Vatican CCreative Thinking of Cybernetic Theory Analytical vision for gymnastics wear in Egypt Analytical Study for Crowd Control in Hajj & Umrah
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