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Volume 5 – Issue 19 – January 2020

The impact of using Voronoi diagrams on the contemporary The Effect of Parametric Modeling in the Design The Effect of Incongruity in Viral Advertising Design The Development of Metal Handbags for Decoration Based The Bauhaus school and its impact on interior design and fashion design Studying the importance of Esoteric science in Advertising Selected models of men's clothing in Central Asia during the centuries Role of Designer to Meet the Needs of Landscaping Principle to be Considered in designing artistic Moving Positive Space Photographic abstraction between the plastic concepts Philosophy of the movement through the distance fourth and Philosophical and artistic values in the Euro-Mediterranean Guidance Designer to selection the suitable process treatment and Graphic Art as A Creative Sensational in The Interior Environmental variables and formality and their relation Employ photography techniques to create Impressionist photography Effect of the Application of Universal Design Principles on Interior Effect of Spandex Ratio on the Shrinkage of Woven Fabrics Made Effect of some fabric structure factors on the functional Effect of Different Constructions of Elastic Bands Produced Dome of the Treasury or Dome of Oil in the Prophet’s Mosque Design Trends of Glass Balusters According to Fixing Contemporary Trends of Design Thinking in view of Innovation Coins ofJani Beg khan Benefiting from Android applications in design Architectural utopia between fictional and realistic An experimental study for evaluating the efficiency Al-Ateeq Mosque in Al-Bilad district in Darnah Aesthetics of Sedimentary Rocks as a Source of wall hanging A Design Vision for Children's Clothing and its Consistent Using microfibers to produce a one-layer warming-up sportwear The use of glass technology and technical textiles The third dimension of Mural glass between the creativity The Styles of the Crown contained on The Ranks on some The strategy of designing contemporary advertising The Sociology of Culture through Social Networks Advertisement The Rules of Different Types of Lines on Fashion Design The Phenomenon of Plagiarism along with Other Related The Metaphysical Trend of Islamic Symbolism
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