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Volume 1- Issue 2 – April 2016

Benefit from the fundamentals of Islamic Art in the design of advertising exhibition’s booths Architectural heritage of the city of Aldepl during the Islamic Age Analytical study of Islamic architecture during the Mamluk period and how to use them in interior design Al-Hermil Mosque in Mahalet Marhum 1328 AH 1910AC Al Kzqth in Bukhara ( commercial and political role In the first three centuries of migration) Activation of the aesthetic qualities of the Islamic heritage and its impact on teaching the basics of glass design A Cup of Cooper Preserved in the Collection of Her Highness The Princess Modi bent Assaf The Importance of Establishing the Visual Identity of Governmental Organization and its Role for Creating an Interactive Creative Society. The impact of political mobility and social needs on historical Cairo's urban aesthetics Role of Arabic language in Arabian civilization and Islamic arts Rhythmic and geometrical methods to the phenomena of reproduction and growing of the securitization in Islamic Revival of Islamic style in architecture of Egypt in the period between Problematic image of Islamic civilization in the contemporary discourse Media Islamic art and its impact on the works of the global glass artist Emile Galle Islamic architecture and patterns of functional requirements associated The concept of Islamic architecture, characteristics and advantages Inspiration from nature to emphasize the contemporary Islamic architecture in Egypt Glass, porcelain and revive the heritage of Islamic architecture and its usage in architectural facades of villages west coast tourist in Egypt Glass carvings in the contemporary mosque building Functional needs and the spiritual dimensions of Islamic architecture and the impact on interior design Considerations of Design effective glass display units To increase
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