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Volume 7 – Issue 32 – March 2022

Using the most suitable polymeric materials used for printing on the liquid electrograph technique to achieve the printing quality The study of the use compatible with the beach facades The role of Promotional and Buzz marketing strategies in enriching modern contemporary advertising campaigns in Egypt The Principles of Flexible Architecture as a mean for Enhancing Structural Forms of Lightweight Metal Buildings System The Plague of 749 H 1348 A.D and its Impact on Eygpt During the Reign of Sultan Alnasser Hassan The Philosophy of Nostalgia in Heritage Hotels Design The effect of material type, yarn count, and treatment with water-repellent materials on some of the natural and mechanical properties of car cover fabrics The effect of economical and cultural diversities on the mural art in universal train stations The Effect of Computational and Digital Programming on interior design and Architecture Technology’s Development The dramatic effect of light in Installation Art The Digital identity of Helwan University's Platforms The cultural identity of the Whale Valley Sanctuary and its effect on the formation of the Interior designer's thought Technical Schools Associated With The Design Of Modern Interior Lighting Units Study of housing in the Mamluk (1517-1250) and Ottoman periods (1789-1517) In Egypt Stereotype and Social Meaning in TV Advertising Semiotic Dimensions of Architecture in the light of the Factors that influence Understanding and Interpretation of Meanings Reducing the Rate of Carbon Dioxide Emissions for Social Housing Units in New 6th of October City Proactive vision for Caravan adjacent to the El Dab'a atomic reactor project Organic abstract in sculpture and its role in formulating aesthetic and expressive values in contemporary architecture Making use of the pictorial environment of the art of Notan in The Plastic formulations on the dress-stand Incorporate Resilience Principles Into Architectural Education Programs Identity problematic issue with architectural facades between originality and globalization Genk , which is kept in Linchi National Library in Rome manuscript Future Trends for the development of the advertising industry in light of Vision 2030 Fashion Design in light of Interaction Design applications Evaluation of the environmental impact of industrial zones in new cities Emphasizing the Identity by Integrating the Cultural Dimension in the Design Aiding Tools Digital technology and its effect on the aesthetic values in contemporary relief sculpture Develop new, sustainable treatments for the tears and missing parts of Pharaonic shroud from Ahensia excavation Creativity Education effect on Knowledge Economy Creative Coding in Public Spaces preparation Creating printed designs for elderly women's clothing fabrics Benefiting from the infographic in the stage of presenting ideas in the industrial product design program Benefit from the arts of ancient Egyptian civilization in interior design of Egyptian booth in the international Tourist Exhibitions Application of the Mashrabiya philosophy in contemporary architecture An Arab View of Derouche's Book The Arabic Manuscript in Light of the Inscriptions Through the Arabic translation version issued by the Arabic Manuscripts Institute Amazigh art as an inspiration source for contemporary interior murals made of glass and fabrics Aesthetic and plastic values of bio-art as a source for textile printing design A future vision of interior space formation technologies in light of the basic determinants of the regenerative environmental architecture
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