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Volume 5 – Issue 20 – March 2020

Role of an Active City Philosophy in Planning and Designing a Better Life Invest in the incredible elements of creative advertising ideas. Influence of Digital Technology on Theater Scene Design Formal Rhythm of Islamic Mamluk Motifs as a Creative Felting art and enriching the aesthetic value of the women shawl Fashion design adapted from the parametric architecture Equilibrium in Interior Design and its Relationship Employing the Aesthetic Values of the Decorations of Kaaba Covers Effectiveness of virtual reality and its impact on modern sculpture Digital interactive content Design impact on improving Designing A System by Using International Quality Systems Coptic stone carven between analysis and experimentation Coins of shahrukh An Experimental Study to Evaluate Alternative Supports An analytical and technological study of the glass bricks building system Advertising Posters between play philosophy and Thinking Engineering Achieving aesthetic values for women's clothing using design elements A New Approach for advertising in the Digital Age Utilizing Aesthetics of Andalusian Art to design Contemporary Utilization of primitive fire systems to obtain effects of aesthetic Using Hologram Technology in Constructing Virtual Scenes TheVisual effects of shadow and light and their role in architectural form. The role of innovative technologies in the use of alternative The Production of cotton yarns with open-end spinning with excellent The impact of useing the virtual reality technology on improving The Impact of Digital Development of parametric design The elements of similarity between Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates The Effectiveness of Using the Egyptian Folklore in the Visual The effect of electronic publishing on children’s Picture books Apps The Eeffectiveness of a Training Program for the development The dilemma of representing women's body and expressing identity The development of the innovative thinking of the contemporary design The development of contemporary design formulations for the fabrics The Decorative Properties of the Designs Printed in Nineteenth Century The courses of the faculty of applied arts and its relation to the idea The Concept of Time as A Fourth Dimension in The Design The Aesthetic philosophy of Repetitive patterns in Nature Study the effect of air pressure reduction on some properties of fabric Structural and Architectural Formations and Their Role Role of Furniture Design with Egyptian Identity in the Egyptian
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