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Volume 4 – Issue 13 – January 2019

Visual Identity of Global Fashion Brands and its Impact in Building the Mental Image of Consumer Vision of tourism advertising prints to confirm Egyptian identity Utilization of Human Energy Field The aura in the development of a color system serving the aesthetic value of the products The use of Manual printing techniques to highlight the Aesthetic values of the Elements of Islamic Art and Furnishing Fabrics-suspensions The role of textile printing in goverenment strategy for supporting enterpernership and small enterprise (SMEs) The Role of Textile Printing Design in Theatrical Costumes Design The psychology of preparing the leading teacher as one of the most important axes of advancing the development wheel in Egypt. The design of the advertising message using the Franco Arab and its impact on the Arab identity The Artistic and technical effect of design self-installed glass accessories for interior architecture The aesthetic values of the Iranian Islamic decoration and the benefit thereof in the design and embroidery of wedding scarves The Aesthetic values in the entrances of the Mamluk Bahri Textile products between design, marketing and development to reach local and global competitiveness Spacetime and interactive product design Software Engineering and Its Role in the Study of Office Space Skills required for technical education students of printing and packaging Silver nanoparticles. preparation, characterization, cytotoxicity, and its impact on cotton fabrics Review of Sustainable. Living Walls Philosophy of the Sufi Impact on the Features of Design Optical Vision of microscopic living tissue as a Source for innovative Design Newfangled Joining systems for Furniture Manufactured from Sheet Metal Mashrabiya in Islamic architecture between idea authenticity and applying novelty Field research to save the textile heritage from extinction Employment the Aesthetics of Al Musannaf Costume in Design On the Dress Form Developing swimsuit Fabric using Nano-technology and screen photochemical method Designing a gauge to help People with visual disabilities to identify the denominations of Egyptian banknotes Design of online material for teaching Geography Case study in secondary school Design and production ceramic jewelry using the chromatic and formal effect of fruits, seeds and their chemical composition Deconstruction School As a Source For inspiration of designing treatments for obese child clothes Creative printed designs of line and color elements by Pait Mondrian for contemporary ladies'morning fabrics Contemporary Arab Architectural Trends and Heritage Iraq as a Case Study Combining the art of textile printing and applique art to produce designs suitable for children's clothing Child Arts as a Source of Designing of printed Furniture Fabrics (2) Bait-al-Sha’ar. A Kuwaiti Traditional Bedouin Mobile Home at Risk Adapting the typography art in advertising design to enhance the touristic advertising visual identity Abstract in Islamic Painting between Heritage and Contemporary A survey of influential personalities in magazines, films and cartoons in the Arab world A Strategy to Preserve and Promote the Egyptian Traditional Handicrafts A semiotic study of the Kalila wa Demna manuscripts A new approach for the application techniques of quality tools and systems for the textile products and some industrial institutions “The Impact of Applying Visual Management Policies and 5S's on Improving Productivity within Garment Factories”
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