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Volume 2 – Issue 5 – January 2017

Le rôle de la mosquée en Algérie dans la configuration de la ville à l’époque coloniale française. Jazana revive the heritage and benefit from it in the architectural glass contemporary Resorts design Islamic content and its effect in crystalizing the design vision of contemporary housing Interior design considerations in a Shopping Mall between Hypothesis and Reality Experimentalism in the Contemporary Relief Sculpture between Rebellion and Creation Egypt cemeteries between the populated and the written Effect of artistic styles in the 20th century on depiction and its relation with designing glass interface in architecture Design of Websites intended for Arabic child and the extent of the impact of different civilizations Creating Architectural Surface Design capable for Mass Production by benefitting from Sign Formation Methodology on Islamic Geometric Grid Cinema-Theatre Farouq 1 Of Damanhur In Behaira (I Al-Nasr Cinema) Authenticity and modernity of the Islamic calligraphy aesthetics and applying in textile Archeological artistic study for the ceramic pots of khedive Mohamed Tawfik Arabic Calligraphy Role in Creating Brands in order to Market contemporary Printed Fashion Using the Arab Cultural Heritage Analytical study for some designing considerations in interior spaces that have the character The phenomenology theory ( architecture phenomenology ) as the basis of the Bio-Philic interior design The line movement with colors relations and space aesthetics The Effect of Participatory Ergonomics in Increasing the Efficiency of Metal Furniture Systems in Office Workstations The appearance of Islamic depiction Symmetrological review of the ornamental patterns of the Chiprovtsi hand-woven carpets Siwa embroidery arts as visual stimuli in producing Printed Ladies Cloaks between culture identity and technological progress Plastic and aesthetic values advertising and its impact on the environment and society Othman son of Aghlabak in Aleppo Multi-headed creatures in Greek art Morphological Formation in focal points of attraction and its significance as a basis for plastic and optical formation in the structure of the creative art work.
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