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Volume 6 – Issue 29– September 2021

Using street art as a child-directed advertising medium The tombstone of Almoravid Princess Badr bint Prince Abi Al-Hassan Ali Al-Sanhaji The psychology of the artwork in the dramatic story of the production of contemporary works of art The Potter Al-Siwan New look through a signature being published for the first time The Plastic and Aesthetic Simulation of Decorative Iron as an Approach for the Development of Artistic-work to Face Market Challenges The philosophical dimensions of Autofiction in the visual arts in the light of the 13th International Cairo Biennale works The kinetic rhythm of the calligraphic line as an aesthetic vision in the design and modelling on the dress-stand The Influence of Camera Sensor Size on Image Characteristics The Importance of Visual Merchandising in Communicating the Corporate Identity of Retail Stores The fourth dimension as an influence in the design of lighting The Formations of Space and Its Innovative Role in Clothes Design. The effect of applying design thinking models on students of Packaging design to develop skills of creative thinking The concept of educational design and how to apply it to the interior design curricula (Case Study on Designing Tourist Facilities studio) Satin Ribbons Embroidery to Raise the Artistic& Aesthetic Value of Cotton Pile Fabrics in The Light of Quality Representation of the Victory Monument (Τροπαιον) Rediscovering the Heritage of the Belle Epoque Cairo Museums Recycling of hangings and furnishing fabrics waste to produce women’s wear for achieve sustainability (applied study in Damietta city) Paint 3D digital environment applications as a source for fashion design inspired by the Egyptian heritage Organization of display standards of digital out of home Advertising Nature as an inspiration in architecture and interior design Morphems in Language and Cinematography (Semiotic Approach) La philosophie du Sculpteur Charles Cressent Dans Le Design du Mobilier Integration between Vernacular Design and Adapted Design Process to Accomplish Influence of Using Different Blend Ratios of Banana Fiber on the Mechanical Properties of Woven Fabrics Identification of natural dyes in some archaeological Iranian carpets by non-destructive MALDI TOF MS Enhance family relations in light of the Corona crisis (COVID 19) through advertising messages Eco-Friendly Acoustic Materials for Certified Separating Walls Between Adjacent Rooms Dynamism as a Fundamental Verb in the Work of the Abstract Expressionist School in Contemporary Painting Development of the traditional method for filling the dress stand and its conformity with the women's body Designing Artistic E-Books as inspired by Arts of John Tenniel Contemporary vision of the Traditional building systems of the rural Mediterranean Residence Contemporary Portraiture Creative Inspirations for Fashion Designers Body language in advertising design under the Corona pandemic Aesthetic values of the letters of the ancient Egyptian calligraphy and the Predicate calligraphy in new print formulations (Comparative Study) Aesthetic and plastic values of (maya-aztec) civilizations (Analytical Study) Advertising as an institutional crisis management tool during the Corona pandemic A proposed concept to confront the ideological invasion of Masonic symbols on the artistic production of arts students in Egypt
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