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Volume 2- Issue 9 – June 2022

Use of the art of ebru and Applique to enrich the aesthetic values of clothing design in the style of Drapping The Types of the Imported Chinese Ceramics Discovered in Saudi Arabia from the 3rd. to the 13th. Cents. The interactive digital direction in the interior design of libraries The Effect of Different Structural Factors onthe Functional Properties of Warp Knitting Fabrics The effect of beating-up mechanism type on the woven terry towels properties The Application of Technologies of the Future Direction in Contemporary Sustainable Thinking in Design An Integrated Practical Approach between Fashion Design and Hanging Textiles Printing Design Standards for designing a chef's uniform Some modern technological trends of interior design and furniture in educational buildings for integration schools Soft Design of Lofts in Contemporary House Reflet de l’attribut egyptien sous le design et la production de meubles et ses suppléments comptemporaire influencé par le mouvement Art déco. Quantum Theory as an Introduction to Enriching Designs for printed hanging textiles Portrait art in the modern era as a source for printed one-piece designs for women Nanotechnology and its impact on changing and developing the properties of materials in the interior design Interactive design and its impact on Interior design and furniture Holographic texture inspired by the vases of Islamic art Develop a methodology to improve the quality of design of metal furniture products in light of the concepts of systems theory Ceramic Tiles in the Mihrab of Al-Kashef Mosque in Assiut Applying Light Physical Characteristics as One of the Visual Phenomena in Sustainable Interior Architecture
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