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Volume 4 – Issue 17 – September 2019

Modern systems to control the quality of print produced by digital printing techniques Modern cinema and TV techniques used in the manufacture of drama Mind Map and Their Role in developing creative thinking Metal within round bases plates in the reign of Khedive Ismail Preserved in the museums of Abdeen Palace Mega events’ graphic design and its role in enhancing the national image Janadriyah is one of the technical sources for preserving the heritage and the Saudi identity Islamic Architectural Facades and their use in Designing Contemporary Egyptian Women's Clothing Estimating the efficiency of the power in modern residential houses Eric Johansson’s Photography Impact on Surrealism and Photographic Arts Effect of different textile structures on Modern sewing seam Drawing up new design formulas according to the rules of Gestalt Theory to enrich the field of decorative design Dome and minaret of Abu Ghandafar Asad Alfaezy Digital illustrations pedagogy of commercial Guidance posters for children Developing metacognitive thinking through the semantics of the advertisement idea Develop a design methodology that supports innovation and creative abilities among design students Design standards and solutions of packages for elder’s people Creative Methods of E-marketing with Augmented Reality and its Impact on the Products Design Contemporary Aesthetic and Critical Theories and their Impact on Post-modern Cinematic Movements Cognitive and skill requirements to achieve aesthetic proportions and balance using the golden ratios and fractal geometry in media photography Arabic lettering as a Visual Icon in Logo design Analytical study on the spread of some dangerous electronic games An Analytical Study of the Design Idea and Its Applications in Interior Design & Furniture Achieving Quality in Woven Fabrics by Using Reengineering System The visual language for dramas expressing psychological reality and the emotional Aspects The study of the historical development of glass in ancient times The role of television production in improving visual communication to develop Egyptian tourism propaganda The Role of Human Factors Engineering in Designing Interactive Metal Facades The possibility of processing Burkina cotton in spinning factories and its impact on yarn produced properties The painting of “Apophis” “Apep”, symbol of evil in the other worlds books In ancient Egypt The effectiveness of the clothes and their role in the animation films The Effect of Different some Structural Factors The kind and density of wefts and Sewing Seams on The Functional Performance of upholstery fabrics The Contributions of Occupational Ergonomics in Industrial Hygiene The aesthetic values of Birds' motion in animated cartoons Study of the effect of various damage factors on the damage of the glass artifacts kept in historical stores Semiotics Approach as a Method to Analyze the Visual Language of Architecture Rooting through the Egyptian identity symbol in Coptic art and its effect on interior design Reduction Thought in interior design and modern furniture Planning advertising campaigns in the view of cognitive styles between man and woman Photo initiating system to synthesize an absorbent hydrogel Mutual influence between Human and Environment the concept of Vernacular Design and Its Relation to Sustainability in Interior Space
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