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Volume 8 – Issue 42 – November 2023

Ways to benefit from the Environmental Design legacies of Jordan's heritage homes interior spaces Vision philosophique pour l’usage du marbre Using Pinterest in the Fashion Design Course to Create an Interactive Virtual Community Urbanization of Egyptian Universities as One of the Factors of the Legal Personality Towards a frame of reference The stability of the Arabs on the eastern coast of the Arabian Gulf The role of vectors in the development of national mural designs The role of the creative designer in designing the book arts The role of building information modeling The relationship between graphic design and interactive mural art The Nubian Woman's Lifestyle and Traditional Jewelry The Interactive Relationship between Digital Twin and Industrial Design Activities The Effectiveness of Digital Marketing in promoting the digital services The Calligraphic Inscriptions of the Miniatures of Kaaba The artistic and plastic possibilities of wooden doors Studying The Role of Phase Change Materials in Improving the Thermal Performance Efficiency Scenography of the Nutcracker Balle experimental view on venue and presentation Safe Operation of Mosques During Corona Pandemic and Its Impact On Mosques Design Re-thinking spaces as places Psychological connotations of color relationships between hand embroidery stitches Principles of Green Architecture Suitable for Application in Yemen Metaphysics in Architecture- The Jewish Museum in Berlin case study L’installation interactive un plaisir de création Interactive design and its role in direct marketing Influence of Advanced Technologies in The Design of Modern Facades Ideas Generated through Studio of Interior Design Principles Gold Nanoparticles as A New Tool for Lighting Trees Enrich clothing designs through parts of clothing Employing recent scientific developments as an input to enrich the field of woodworks Determination of Best Refractories Suitable for Glass Designing decorative ribbons inspired by Art Nouveau using laser technology Designing advertising awareness campaigns to change the attitude towards people Design Thinking Methodology for Designing Product Displays Techniques Design thinking as an approach for innovation in the advertising design to enhance user experience Contemporary societal problems as an entrance to enrich the advertising poster Color's psychological impact and expressive connotations in Benefiting from the nanotechnology applications in the design Art Exhibition Human and Computer View Areference unit for the execution of a contemporary marketable articraft Achieving Unity Of Visual Impression Through Multiple A proposed strategy for employing NLP
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