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Volume 6 – Issue 25 – January 2021

ISM Model of Critical Success Factors of Using Alternative Dispute Solutions on Saudi Arabian Construction Projects Interactive graphics advertising digital product to enrich the identity and heritage Inspiration of Desert Environment Architecture and Heritage in Modern Mural Painting Implementation of a training hall (gymnasium) at the Faculty of Applied Arts as an Educational Product to Develop the Concept of Entrepreneurship Illumination tools in the 19th century Artistic archaeological study in the light of selected models preserved in Abdeen Palace Museum in Cairo Identity and Its Effect on Positive Design for Interior Space Flat formation techniques in ceramics as an input to qualify deaf and hard of hearing students for small projects Features of New Design Principles for Mobile Applications Experimental entrances to environmental materials to produce clothing supplement with new formulations Environmental and economic efficiency considerations for the lightweight building in the industrial field according to the principles of sustainability Domestic small and medium apparel enterprises competition in developing markets Designing, executing and producing patterned face masks on jacquard weaving looms for protecting from corona virus Design printed on sportswear and its role in highlighting the Egyptian Identity Design and innovation New Weaving Double Reeds and Its Effect on air permeability Fabric Properties Create Ambient Advertising Comparative study between Executive methods and their integration and its effects on aesthetic and functional aspects of the design of upholstery fabrics Arabic Calligraphy Outside of Rules of Writing Air pollution and soil mechanics affected on the architectural installations, as applied to the fountain of king farouk's palace in El-rakan, Helwan, Egypt Aesthetics of digital formation with the beginning of the twenty-first century Visual Thinking and Islamic Architecture Typography is a major component of advertising design and its relationship to the cultural diversity of consumers The role of industrial design and engineering design as The role of conceptual art in awareness campaigns and the sustainable development The role of advertising in managing the image of the institution through social media during the crisis The Mysticism of Arabic Calligraphy A Love Affair between the Reed Pen and Sufism The impact of the Arabic calligraphy in the German literature The Divan of Johan v. Goethe as an example The Impact of Sustainable Furniture Design Methods On Activating the Durable Cycle of Furniture The impact of smart furniture design on meeting the needs of a limited-space housing The Impact of Emerging Technology for “Industry 4.0” in The glass facades of the future architecture and the ways of its tightness The Effect of Media Literacy on digital Ads Spiritual Values Between Theological Symbolism and Design Globalization in the Contemporary Mosque Architecture Spatial factors affecting indoor environmental quality of interior design in psychiatric hospitals Scientific Evaluation of Some Aesthetical Properties for Women's Head Covering Scarves Fabrics Revival of Using the Mosaic Craft within The Contemporary Furniture Design with an Islamic Identity Pleasure in interactive Advertising Ottoman Waqf Medreses in Greece Archival & architectural study Nostalgia using in advertising campaigns Mechanisms of shaping the behavior of the recipient of the advertising message through stimulating subconscious knowledge Economy Support Concept Entrepreneurship
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