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Volume 2- Issue 10 – August 2022

Wingsuit Design Technology in the Framework of Functional Requirements Utilizing The Art of Digital Collage to Create Designs for Textile Printed Hanging The role of the semiotic analysis for media images to developthe photographer's visual perceptionand professional capabilities The relation between the change ofterry towels machine type and its effect on the beat-up force The lighting methods used to show the aesthetics of the architectural style of the palaces Historic used as museums The effectiveness of “Scamper Strategies” in reformulating the decorative unit inspired by Islamic Art The Aesthetics of Graphic Design and Its Impact On Society Technological development and its role in the development of landscape Technical and analytical investigation study of late period Egyptian stele from The Grand Egyptian Museum Sustainability standards and their impact on the interior design of green hotels Study the philosophy of the direction of mass culture pop art Satisfaction of graduates of the Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, Assiut University, about the quality of study in the department, And its relevance to the labor market Modern Architecture as an Inspiration for Contemporary Fashion Design E-learning in light of the third millennium Design Treatment for the Cover of Salome Play Literary Text - a Contemporary Plastic Vision Creating designs inspired by Islamic motifs and Creating 3D designs using derived design elements as an innovative vision for design and molding on the miniature mannequin in the light of the Corona crisis Cirigami art as a starting point for designing metal crafts to develop productive thinking for art education students Apparel marketing strategies and their role in fashion brand, an analytical study A modern vision of the interior design of the theater between the traditional and digital concep
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