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Volume 1- Issue 3 – July 2016

Illustration of divine Jupiter on Romanian coin during the first three centuries A.D. Genius Architectural Formation Islamic Civilization Between form and content in the Islamic civilization and its influence on contemporary art painting Flexible glass and its effective role in architecture Documents of Dawoodpasha son of Abd El-rahman halt structure in holy Mecca Aesthetics geometric shape in Islamic arts and it's modern applications Advantage of Aesthetics of the Islamic Art in the work of Omar El Nagdi for the Design of Artistic Glass Products Winged sun symbolism in protecting Egyptian temple since modern country era to Ptolemy era The utility of smart transportation systems in designing eco- friendly bus stations The role of light and shadow as one of the factors influencing the perception decorative designs The Islamic moderate philosophy in Islamic architecture The Impact of The Social Environment and Cultural Heritage in the Animation Fime The Future of Aesthetics in Digital Ages The Effect of the psychology of interior design on the productivity of individuals at work The aesthetic values in the studio ceramics of the village of Tunis and its association with Egypt The Aesthetic Effect of Using Arabic Calligraphy in Designing Ceramic Surfaces Optical art and its role in designing pile wall hangings that used in the limited area of interior architecture Modern Formulation for using Islamic ceramic tiles in the Interior Design Islamic arts as an insipration source for garments’ printing designs according the international fashion trends Intellectual life in the Islamic civilization Personal libraries in Andalusia as model
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