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Volume 4 – Issue 14 – March 2019

The correlation between designing printed textile Wall-hangings and metal wall-coating for touristic resorts The Cairo Takiyya Mawlawiyya 1033H. 1623AD. Spirit of the Arts and Sufi Inscriptions Symology of designing and production of shocking images between technical and functional development in the modern media Studying the furniture techniques applied in ancient Parametric Design as an Approach to Inspire Nature in Product Design Nanotechnology effects on furniture product Investment of the art of animated infographics in advertising on social media sites. Inspiration of environmental and popular symbols in Fashion Designs Inspired by Ramadan Traditional Visual Aspects Evaluation of the use of nanoparticles in the protection of Ergonomics Of Wearable Technologies Ergonomic Standards of Furniture Design in Dental Centers Effectiveness of Adobe Illustrator in Learning the Fashion Design Skills for Girls with Hearing impairment Effect of laser engraving and cellulase enzyme treatment on jeans trousers Effect of Electromagnetic Waves on the Design of Effect different Some Construction on the functional properties of Clothes Ladies by using Tencel Fibers Digital architecture and its impact on architectural engineering education Design criteria for Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings to achieve Design as a developmental factor for culture and visual arts Conceptual metaphor as an alternative to the symbol in Color in Islamic Architecture and its impact on interior design Art of Calligraffiti and Its Role in the Identification of Arabic Calligraphy and the Cosmos for Contemporary Textile A Scientific Study of Inlaid Iron Statuettes from 12th-16th Century AD A comparative study between two methods of preparing the basic model of Wooden Architecture's role in maintaining eco sustainability Utilizing the Aesthetic Values of the Heritage Symbols in Siwa in The role of Sacred Geometry in forming Islamic art The Role of Ceramics Tiles and Shades in Thermal Treatments and Aesthetic of facades and Interior Space The position of Islamic law on environmental sustainability The latest Security Techniques Used in Passport Design The Integration of the Product Design and Service Design The Integration of Interior Design and Neuroscience The Influence of Media on the Methods and Techniques of The Importance of influence of Interior Design in The Impact of Technological Visual Techniques upon Developing Contemporary Murals The fun theory and its role in sustainability of the brand The effect of using of synthetic resin with different materials In the development of furniture and interior design elements The Effect of Using Chenille Yarns Produced from polyester Microfiber on The Effect of Sponsoring Sport Events on Sponsor Brand Image
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