Volume 5 – Issue 21 – May 2020

The Creative Role of Employing Augmented Reality Strategies for the Fragmentation of the Egyptian Children’s Strategies for rationalization and saving of sweet water Scientific museums and its scientific heritage role in developing Public spaces in historic sites as a Tool of raising cultural Persuasion to suggest 3D advertising through websites Operate metallic yarns on air- jet looms while reducing the number Meeting Human Needs in House through Interior Interior Design of Administrative Establishments Spaces Interaction design to develop skills of disabled children improvement surface appearance of low Carat Gold jewelery Hanging Rugs between Aesthetic Value of Flowers Exploring evolving trends of gender representation in digital Employing modern technology in the design of guidance Effect of the laundering process and the addition Effect of different cotton material on the yarn produced Digital revolution and its role in the development of Digital creativity to revive the art of graphic film poster portrait Designing clothing Accessories to protective kinder garden Date to the Copy of Ms.w.609 From Khamsa Nizami Customs Fashion Design and its Fine Role in Achieving Cultural identity and its effect on the formation Creating designs for children’s clothes inspired by cubic art Creating contemporary textile hangings inspired Achieving the identity of the graphic design using the balance Achieving Sustainable Tourism Development of Hotels’ Interior A comparative study between the use of aesthetics of loom Visual communication and its influence on treatment Using Enneagram Strategy as Convince axes in the design The semantics of light and their impact on the painting The Role of packaging technology in reducing loss during the food The role of innovation management in achieving sustainable The Role of Cultural Heritage in Promoting Intellectual Trends The plastic and conceptual dimensions of the art of contemporary The organic manipulation of the abstract of the Arabic The intellectual and aesthetic approach to the style of Sadou The Importance of Art Subjects Implementation in the Education The Importance Employing of the Digital Compositing The impact of the technological advancement on developing The effect of fabric type on Quality Different Sewing Techniques
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