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Volume 9 – Issue 43 – January 2024

Photography Exhibitions as a Visualization of Cultural Identity Microscopic photography of plant cells and benefiting L’art numérique un enrichissement du domaine Innovation wooden works as small projects by use Techniques pressing Evaluation of architectural Innovation based on identity and contemporary changes Enhancing the mental image of the institution through modern packaging Enhancing artistic experiences through social media channels in the field of drawing Egyptomania in Modern Architectural History Creating chromatic rhythms for Islamic geometric grids Considerations Design for Cultural Events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Caricature as a source for the industrial designer in designing Building a color management system in industrial facilities producing clothing Biomimetics As An Analogical Reasoning Ideology In Architectural Benefiting from the aesthetic and expressive values Application of the design strategy that is supported Anamorphosis as a creative stimulus for the development An analytical study to clarify the impact of globalization Adapting theatrical decoration for two different theaters A proposal for a production line for the design A futuristic design vision in interactive advertising and a course A conceptual comparison between Interior Design and Installation Art Waste management and its role in changing the concept of awareness advertising Wadi Al-Rashrash Rest House, an archaeological and architectural study URBAN MOBILITY IN POST-COVID CITY The visual richness of rhythmic systems in fish The visual and the invisible in graphic design The use of nanomaterial's applications in buildings The senses perceive the meanings of graphic processors on smartphones The Philosophical and formation Dimensions of Reductionist Art The intellectual and emotional dimension of the material The impact of Islamic Safavid architecture on the Armenian churches The chaos theory as experimental Starting in developmental imagination The benefits of parametric design methodology in developing structural The Aesthetics of Combining Traditional and Modern Materials The aesthetic and functional dimensions of environmental digital graphic design Technical considerations for Electrorestoration in historical metal products Styles of Madrasas in the Registan Square in Samarkand Smart Materials Applications in Ceramics Product Design Scenography of the rehabilitation of architectural heritage Portraits of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib on Iranian Qajar and Pahlavi Artefacts
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