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Volume 5 – Issue 22 – July 2020


Technological innovation in modern digital television image Sustainability and national identity affirmation through products design Semiotics study for cinematic lighting Promotion of the Traditional Industries in Jazan and its Impact Notes on the decorations of central vault mosaic of Galla Nanotechnology and its role in the Development of Contemporary Sculptural Thought Monitor some of the Oscars' Fashion Designs and Redesign Them La chinoiserie dans l’architecture intérieure et le mobilier L’équilibre visuel de la comme introduction à l’identité Improving aesthetic and functional values of children’s wear packs using waste recycling Implications of Adopting Semiological Approach on Iconic Representation in Website Design Fantastic in the Light of Historical Heritage Expressional Typography between word and image in contemporary design Enrich the printed works through the use of plastic values for digital printing Energy Saving of Traditional Buildings Using Building Designing smart health CARDS insured and linked to the citizens' biological identity Designing for inseparable Conjoined twins Design furniture between the legacy of handicrafts and contemporary prospects Creations of women in Upper Egypt in hand-embroidered Blended learning as an entry point for applying social construction theory Arabic calligraphy and its place among contemporary illustration Application of the Arab Visual Identity in Designing Analytical study of the moveable architecture elements in the internal architecture of Al-Haram Al Nabawi A new Vision for Enriching Islamic Manuscripts of the Arab School in the Age of Digital Arts Utilization of cotton yarn system (Ring Spinning) in producing Fancy Yarn of blend cotton with poly acrylic Using semantic meanings in photographs used in advertising Using Eco-friendly materials to achieve the sustainability Using CLO 3D program to evaluate the basic flat pattern for girls The variables and the modern technics and their effect on the phenomenon The Title of Saheb Qiran on The Coins of The Mughal Emperors The structural values of the art of Indian Kolam and the use of The Role of Modern Technology in the Design of Contemporary Field Benches The role of advertising in the development of the project The Modern Sustainable Concepts in the Design of Free Markets The intellectual and plastical variables of Egyptian ceramic art in the light of postmodernism philosophy The Impact of Internet of Things on Industrial Product Design for The functional values of glass at the organic architecture The element of heritage as one of the sources of contemporary The development of the interior architecture of Coptic Church in the twentieth century Technology supporting the production of furniture from recycled materials
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