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Volume 4 – Issue 16 – July 2019

Integrity of the components in the unique abstract sculptural-group human Innovative Design Vision for the Applications of Some Elements and Industrial design in view of integrated design Improving Performance and Functional Properties of Different Identity and its reflection on the design and forming in Islamic design Globalization and Surreal Photo Advertising Challenges on the Glass and its effect on plastic Processors for the Experimental approach using the collage art to empower the Evaluating the thermal performance of the external walls in the residential Ergonomic and interactive properties in the design of metal display systems Employing laser-cutting technique to enrich the aesthetics for jeans clothes E-Learning and sustainable development of the field of Apparel design in the knowledge economy Effectiveness of the use of animation in Environmental Awareness and Guidance Effect of aesthetic and functional values of lighting on interior design elements Design system to benefit from fashion brands in printed designs for ladies' fabrics Creation of designs inspired from the aesthetics of the art (Ebro) Using Composition Aspect Ratio related to different image sensor’s size Combining the Arabic character with the digital image and its role in Collaboration with art institutions as a strategy to raise the aesthetics Biological values of aesthetical and geometrical elements in An Archaeological-Artistic Study of a New Collection of Jewelry and Understanding Brand loyalty from the Consumer perspective The technical development in the design and technological dimension of the The Spaciousness of architecture in Islamic religion The self-energy from function of equipment and engineering The Role of Wearable Technology in Caring for Senior Citizens The role of interior design and furniture in the development of The possibility of making use of men's ties in Women's clothing The Philosophy Direction of Cosmic Architecture and Its Relation to the The Philosophic vision for the heritage culture and its Impact on the artistic The influence of Multiple Intelligences theory in determining the mental The Impact and Value In the design and production of architectural The effectiveness of using 3D programs to express the reality of the form in The covering technology for the building as a design parameter for interior Studying new techniques of composing 2D animation with 3D animation Simulation of the textile design of Arabic shemagh using Proposed vision to raising the efficiency of design education method of Pre- Reconstruction of Aleppo City Philosophy of Design Egyptian Banknotes Identity Morphology and simulation of nature as a basis in environmental architecture
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