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Volume 8 – Issue 37 – January 2023

The Architectural Characteristics of the Seljuk Domes in Isfahan’s Mosques Study of Lighting Techniques of Food Advertising Photo Production Study of Islamic Values of Architecture and Interior Design of the Mosque between Heritage and Contemporary Royal figural scenes in Andalusian Art During the Caliphate in Cordoba Role of nanotechnology to improve products properties and increase its life time Relief Sculpture and the extent of its use in solving spatial spaces problems Printing Designs and its Supplements for Textiles Inspired from Egyptian Currencies Methods of expression in the work of Painting art education students Interactive and smart facades technology and its environmental impact Gypsies Women Costumes in Egypt Analytical and Field Study On Sharqia and Beni-Swiff Governorates Graphic work between originality and technical development through the technical edition Evaluation methodology to determine most influential indicators of water resources management Environmentally sustainable interior design technology in light of the spread of global epidemics El-khidr miniatures at the Mughal Indian School from Creating the advertising idea from the view of social learning theory Clothing Comfort of Medical Personal Protective Equipment during COVID-19 Basic Thoughts and phytomnological philosophy on experimentation in mural artworks Architectural Design For Inclusive Schools A Study of Three Unpublished Mausoleum Domes in Mit Ghamr A new strategy for designing ads for the blind as an entry point for teaching contemporary advertising A holistic vision to achieve sustainability standards using building information modeling technology A comparison of the reclining women in Pompei house murals with the Greek Hetaira Utilizing of virtual simulation to fitting the industrial pattern Utilizing from physical computing to support smart product design Using Pottery Syllabus Skills to Develop Sensory Perception For Special Needs Using of woven Reflection phenomenon to develop coverlets Traditional folk games as a source for designing children's clothing printed fabrics The use of sustainable development solutions in exploiting the waste of prepress of flexographic plates The trend of metaphor in the interior design of hotels with Kuwaiti identity The role of Vertical Gardens and Contribution in Mitigation of Sick Building Syndrome The Role of Form-Based Codes in Improving the Quality of Life in Contemporary Residential Neighborhoods The Residence of Abd Al-Azim Effendi Abu El-Nil in Al Fashn City, Beni Suef Governorate-Egypt The relationship between physical reality and virtual reality in product display and visualization The future of interior design industry in the light of Artificial intelligence spread The Functions of Music in the Film and its Effect on the Audience The Ergonomics of Designing Interactive Games User Interface as an Advertising Medium The Egyptian Environment as an Inspiring Source for The Design of Handcrafted Textile Fabrics The effect of using computer numerical control on ceramic art The Effect of the Drawing Art On the Recipient Mood by Bio-Energy Therapy The effect of Arabesque on the artist and European arts
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