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Volume 7 – Issue 35 – September 2022

Interaction product design requirement for Children with disorder Inspiration from nature in the light of nanotechnology and its role in enriching environmental coordination Innovative proposals for designing clothes that achieve the economic dimension of sustainability Indicator system for assessing sustainable development in Egyptian new cities under water scarcity issue Impact of Origami techniques on Children's behavior as fashion Designs’ consumers Functional and aesthetic compatibility between advertising billboards and interior design Environmental conditions Assessment and their impact on the Archaeological collections from the Al-Mafraq Museum in Jordan Electronic Textiles and Future Challenges Drama, its constituents and artistic controls, and the philosophy of visual reading of social television dramas Dimensions of the cinematic image and its relationship to cinematic rhythm Designing sustainable lighting units in the realm of benefiting from solar energy Design Culture and its role in shaping the Identity of Place Color in Organic Architecture and its Effect on the Design of Printed Hanging Biophilia in interior design and its impact on achieving sustainability Archaeological clocks in the mosques of Vuh are an artistic archaeological study in light of a group published for the first time An Invitation to a Wedding Ceremony on a Piece of Silk in the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Published for the First Time An Implementation of Colour Therapy in COVID-19 Alternative cladding technology and its compatibility with environmental sustainability goals Window from East to West Blending Mandala Units with Contemporary Interior Design and Furniture Wedding Venues design The Romantic Metaphysics of Surrealist art in contemporary painting The role of the innovative plastic media in enhancing the expressive dimension of the eye element as the subject of hand-woven The Role of Interactive Design in Achieving Sustainabil usability The reality of using DGO Technology The possibility of using loose fabrics to design contemporary clothes for women The implications of the impact of visual knowledge on the design of residential facilities The facades of old houses as an aesthetic stimulus in painting The diversity of intellectual trends and their impact on contemporary ceramic sculptures The Development of Ceramics Artistic Firing Techniques The Butterfly Effect Movement between Newton’s Deterministic Laws and Chaos Theory in Digital Contemporary Fractal Paintings Symbolic Connotations in the Popular Heritage and Their Employment in the Design of a Textile Work as a Source for Founding the Egyptian Identity Studying Architectural Heritage Styles as an Approach for Developing Creative Thinking in Architecture Departments Spanish architecture inspired fashion with puppets Reflection on the mirror in contemporary glass sculpture to enrich the educational vision Redesigning Small-Scaled Vernacular Lodges in Tunisia Rangoli Art as A Source for Updating Printed Garment Designs as A Proposal for A Small Integrative Enterprise for Sustainable Development Mineral, Chemical Composition and Firing temperature degree determination of two Pottery vessels – Return to Pre-dynastic period - Helwan cemetery- Egypt Methods for raising the efficiency of sustainable human behavior in the work environment Legislation and planning laws and the extent of their impact on the urban identity Investigating the most common design approaches for each building type in architecture
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