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Volume 6 – Issue 28 – July 2021

Virtual prototyping and its role in product design process Utilization of The Diversity of the Islamic Arts to Create 3Dimensional Models That Serve the Field of Glass Design Using Contemporary Painting Colored Lighting Style to Create Interactive Mural Designs with Colored Lights The role of the industrial designer in the fight against The Psychology of Advertising and Its Impact On the Behavior of the Child as A Target Group The plastic and conceptual dimensions of the art of contemporary portrait as an indicator of cultural identity The Philosophy of Form and Value and In Cosmic Architecture and Its Relation to The Interior Design The Khyamya as a source for Fashion Design by Draping in the Light of Demolition and Reconstruction The Integration Between Fashion Design Thought Strategy and Consumer Behavior The enriching role of the artist’s book in visual photography among students of visual arts at the Faculty of Design and Arts at Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University The effectiveness of cooperative learning with Jigsaw 1 strategy in developing knowledge and skills of drawing some women pants pattern The effectiveness of a proposed E - course in teaching Skirt's Pattern The difference between traditional braille embossing and digital braille printing embossing tactile ergonomics The development of interior design materials in light of the intellectual and technological progress of the contemporary architectural form The design of the interactive identity of the advertisement to suit the developments of communication and information technology, and the effect of its use on the success of the advertising campaigns Royal rest houses in Upper Egypt (Qena - Quseir) Study and Publication Prophetic Hadiths, Rulings, and Scriptures from the Holy Quran on Timorese buildings Produce Fanc Yarn blender of cotton and acrylic fibers on ring spinning machine system to synthetic fibers Obstacles to digital transformation &use of electronic management and management information systems in raising the efficiency in public press institutions New lights on the inscription of the establishment and renewal of Caesarea, in the city of Desouq was arrested on the house of Said Navigation and its role in raising the efficiency of the website Merging of techniques, the design on the dress stand and forming metal wires to enrich the evening wear Improving the functional properties of three-dimensional fabrics in sportswear for the disabled he concept and characteristics of abstraction in Islamic art and its impact on the development of contemporary designs in the field of designing Architectural iron works Hadith Reciters in Cairo During Circassians Mamluks’era Guerrilla Advertising Strategies “A Theoretical Approach” Factors driving higher engagement rates of digital video advertising Experimental methods to embody the symbolic dimension of Arabic letters and plant units of porcelain shape Experimental and applied study on the removal of polyurethane adhesive from the archaeological textiles Employing some hand embroidery techniques to produce hand bags of a national character Effects of salt glazes on industrial ceramic tiles produced by fast firing Effect of Inlet Airflow Variables on Internal Natural Air Velocity as a Tool for Reducing Infection with COVID-19 Disruptive technology and its role in product development Digital System suggestion for documenting Egyptian Costumes Developing the creative abilities of students in the field of fashion arts through the creation of printed fashion designs influenced by modern art schools using various printing techniques Design Treatment for Home Furnishing Accessories, By Remains of Garment Production Requirements, For Sustainability Design Standards of the Architectural Surfaces Using New Cladding Materials Design patterns of traditional natural lighting in Interior Design and Islamic architecture Creative Design of Environmental Materials in Packaging from Economic Perspective Creation in Re –Invention of Architectural Ornamentation through Digital Production and Fabrication Contemporary vision of packaging design for the traditional Omani products Characterization of nanographic technology as one of the Challenges Facing Textile Industry in Egypt Benefit from Flax Fiber Cross Section Shape in Fabrics Design Archetypes are renewable innovation sources for contemporary industrial designer Apply The Holistic theory in Architecture and Interior design Activating the aesthetics of African art in the field of artistic glass design A study of the traditional glass industry in Egypt
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