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Private Issue (1) – October 2020

Quality Standards in E-learning of Textile printing design VS Traditional learning methods Pros and cons of drawing e-learning Picasso Ceramics as a Source of Ceramic Fantasy Jewelry Design Overcome the difficulty of usage problems in high-tech products Novel features of interactive augmented reality advertisements and its effect on stimulating user engagement Nano treatments for wood materials and their use in interior design technology Modular design as an approach to creating glass lighting units Mécanismes de coopération arabe dans le domaine de l'enseignement supérieur Le Role De La Geometrie Mathematique Islamique Dans La Creation De La Geometrie Et L’architecture Organique Interior Design and its Role in Achieving Emerging Requirements in Society in the Shade of COVID-19 Industrial design process in view of artificial intelligence History and aesthetics of the new Arabic novel Ergonomic standards for three dimensional handmade -woven products E-Learning Methodologies for Visual Design Education Distance learning methods and its suitability for teaching applied arts courses Distance Education for Interior Design Students between Current Constraints and Future Visions Distance education as an introduction to communicate with art education students to teach minerals in light of the implications of the Corona virus epidemic Cultural responsibility and the use of technology in advertising campaigns Colors Systems and their effects on textile Designs Civilization and Modernity in “Zaha Hadid's” Work as a Creative Influence in the Innovation of Women’s Clothing Fabrics Printing Designs and its Supplements Benefiting from the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in teaching the course of metalworks remotely Architecture and its association with astronomy are important in the ancient Egyptian architectural design Anthropology and the development of the didactics from the propagation of self-confidence and team spirit to creativity and innovation Aesthetics of Ebru art in fashion design A Review on The ratio between applied stresses and resultant strain behavior of textile materials A proposed vision of distance learning & design learning in light of contemporary technology A contemporary vision of the concept of Nubian heritage in the interior design of tourism facilities Transforming the methods of teaching traditional scientific courses for distance education The visual content and the ancient Egyptian composition scenes and its impact on designing harmonious printed hangings and furnishings groups The variation of digital processing of Islamic motifs and folk symbols as a source to enrich the decorative painting through remote learning The standards of the International Society of Technology in the field of education as an introduction to formulating the future educational system in the Sultanate of Oman. The semiology of drawings and sacred inscriptions in ancient Egyptian arts as an introduction to a proposed training program distance preparing for visitors of cultural palace The Role of the Photography in Designing Awareness Posters for The role of infographics in distance education in light of the Coronavirus crisis in the Faculties of Arts The reality of applying virtual classes and electronic tests from the viewpoint of faculty members and students of Taif University. The Quality of the Museum Experience in the Light of the Digital Age The problem of feedback in online education reading facial features as a model The philosophy of contemporary industrial design in the light of the fourth industrial revolution The Kinetic rhythm of ballet and its use of contemporary field sculpture The Impact of the Optimal Spatial Impression on the Fifth Dimension of Interactive Mural Design The impact of children's poems on cartoon characters’ design of Digital The human scale in Islamic civilization and its role in enriching society with spiritual and artistic values in light of cultural changes in the modern era The golden ratio in the regenerative text and the ancient Egyptian wall units The Fractal shapes in Islamic design & its effects on the occupiers of the interior environment The effectiveness of using the virtual classroom environment in developing the skills of undergraduate students in the clothing project The effectiveness of using Sketch Notes to developing cognitive skills in Teaching design curriculum The effectiveness of mobile learning and alternative evaluation in developing some skills of decorative painting design The Effectiveness of Distance Learning Programs in Teaching Theoretical and Practical Arts Curriculums The effectiveness of designing advertising methods in spreading a health awareness culture in light of the pandemics that threaten the health of society The effect of the fourth industrial revolution on changing production requirements The Development of a new Strategy in Visual Reading of Paintings Teaching skills between theory and practice Institutes of Arts and Crafts as an example Sustainable Architecture as a Concept of Rationalizing Consumption and Improving the Environment Strategic planning to opternalize the potential of education and learning in interior design studio Shade Architecture of the Arab Rural Mediterranean Residence Requirements for the development of intellectual and applied of art under virtual reality technology
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