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Volume 3- Issue 16 – August 2023

Innovating Transformative Designs with Zero Waste for Adolescent Girls’ Evening Wear to Activate Sustainable Practice Towards an approach to interactive Signage Design for People with Disabilities in Egypt The role of innovation management and enhancing the competitive advantage of industrial enterprises The Plastic Values of the Art of Susanna in Bukhari and Benefiting from them in the Design of One-Piece Printing The interior spaces of the public baths as talking heritage buildings The impact of the sustainability development on graphic design Technical Employment of Cement Paste in Contemporary Mural Painting Requirements for the unity of printing form for structural design of childrenʼs wear Properties of Flameworking glass and the effectiveness of heat affecting the glass during the formation stages Modern Formulations for the Printed Textile Hangings through the Application of Digital Painting Technique Landscape Design Principles for Visually Impaired Schools Interior Design and Furniture of Office Buildings Dramatizing the curriculum according to the theory of multiple intelligences Developing the visual image of the interior of Egyptian furniture exhibitions Developing injection molds for in mold labels using nanotechnology and comparing with self-adhesive labels. design methodology of ceramic tiles in the light of technical variables Criteria for Designing Augmented Reality Applications to Navigate in Smart Cities Analysis of visual and story frames for news channels coverage during the 2011 Egyptian revolution An artistic reading in contemporary Egyptian and Arabic calligraphy An Artistic archaeological study for four new stone inscriptions in Yemen during
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