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Volume 3- Issue 14 – April 2023

Visual Merchandising for Fashion by Using Augmented Reality The role of tamper-evident packaging labels in adding value for folding carton packages printed using the litho offset locally The role of digital technology in shaping public architectural spaces and its impact on human behavior The impact of Arabic school Manuscripts Paintings on Timurid school one's as the fundamental source of both concept of composition and visual elements development The Fundmentals of design from the perspective of biogeometric science and its relationship to human vital energy The Effect of Using Color in the interior Design on the Psychological State of Workers Within Administrative Spaces The effect of augmented reality in enriching the interactive experience of visitors to institutional events related to national events The Ecclesiastical Symbols in Romanesque Art The Artistic treatment and the Symbolic meaning of the Owl in the world Ancient Civilizations Taking advantage of smart architecture to find standards for interior design Studying the New Trends of Pharmaceutical Secondary Child Resistant Packaging Neural Architecture as an Inspiration for Designing the Internal Spaces of Technological Incubators Internet of Things Application in Advertising Design Influence of high temperatures on the inks of the sheet-fed litho offset printing inks that cold-set Formulation of the internal design vocabulary of Hassan Fathi architecture Educational and artistic dimensions of collective works in sculptural murals Digital Fashion design according to the sustainable development strategy Designing Functional Jewelry in Light of the Living Organisms Morphology Designing an adjustable electricity extension plug board to enhance the concept of Usability
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