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Volume 3- Issue 13 – February 2023

Practical application as a tool to stimulate Creativity skills for Applied Arts students Palm Craft Industries in Contemporary Furniture design Jewellery design in the light of the contrast color of Mokume art Inserting Motion into Still Images by Graphical Processing Software to Be Used in Electronic Educational Presentations Digital broadcasting technology and its effectiveness in the local and international television image Dialogue and the sensory relationship that exists between a person and the place he inhabits from the concept of feng shui Determinants and standards of classroom furniture for children with learning disabilities Applications of the Combined Printed Textiles in Innovating Contemporary Designs for Interior Design Components An Analytical Study of the Methods of Visually A proposed strategy for employing the Nubian folklore in metal furniture design A descriptive study of medical textiles, their safe utilisation of medical staff, and enhancing their therapeutic capacity A comparative analytical study of the evolution of the construction of tower buildings according to the different technology of the era Using of factory waste of dyed cotton yarns in the design of shirt fabrics and its effect the properties of fabrics The role of printed clothing inspired by the elements of the ancient Egyptian art The Emergence of Theatre Arts in The Ancient World The effectiveness of augmented reality in converting static advertising into animation The Broken Line in Islamic and Deconstructive Architecture as a Structural and Aesthetic Component of Interior design and Furniture The Aesthetics of the Circular Surface in Contemporary Snow crystal morphology as a source to enrich contemporary ceramic pendant design Proposed Program Based on Art Therapy Through Applications in Handicrafts
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