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Volume 2- Issue 11 – October 2022

Nanomaterials and its Impact on the Quality of the Internal Environment for Sustainable Interior Design Methods of dealing with the problems of applying policies to preserve valuable heritage buildings Inspiring some elements of folk art to prepare contemporary geometric decorative designs Folk artistic creativity with digital collage technology to create designs for printed upholstery fabrics Employing the parametric analysis principles in metal furniture design Employing the aesthetics of Coptic art and its Symbols in Contemporary Mural Treatments - An Applied Study EL Marzouki Mosque in Baltim Designing Fabric with Innovative Fancy Yarns to Achieve Aesthetic Values in Men's Clothing Fabrics Coworking Spaces Phenomenon in Kuwait Analytical study of the most important artistic techniques used in the direction of mass culture A contemporary plastic vision of the woman in the sixth manuscript of the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Library Treatment and conservation of an antique stone block The Role of the Murals of Tassili in Influencing the Contemporary Art Movement After Independence in Algeria The individual's electromagnetic field and the effect of the plastic formula and the effect on the brain The effect of the plurality of patterns of interior space formation according to non-linear systems on interior design The Effect of the Elements of Interior Spaces in Cultural Facilities on Human Behavior The co-Mingling Between the Post Modern Architecture and Sculptural Design to Create Contemporary Design for Ladies Study of The Processes of Loss - Completion and Reconstruction of the Archaeological Stone Statues on The Rams Road Performance Aesthetics In Environmental Graphic Design And Its Visual Impact
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