Volume 2- Issue 9 – June 2022

Use of the art of ebru and Applique to enrich the aesthetic values of clothing design in the style of Drapping The Types of the Imported Chinese Ceramics Discovered in Saudi Arabia from the 3rd. to the 13th. Cents. The interactive digital direction in the interior design of libraries The Effect of Different Structural Factors onthe Functional Properties of Warp Knitting Fabrics The effect of beating-up mechanism type on the woven terry towels properties The Application of Technologies of the Future Direction in Contemporary Sustainable Thinking in Design An Integrated Practical Approach between Fashion Design and Hanging Textiles Printing Design Standards for designing a chef's uniform Some modern technological trends of interior design and furniture in educational buildings for integration schools Soft Design of Lofts in Contemporary House Reflet de l’attribut egyptien sous le design et la production de meubles et ses suppléments comptemporaire influencé par le mouvement Art déco. Quantum Theory as an Introduction to Enriching Designs for printed hanging textiles Portrait art in the modern era as a source for printed one-piece designs for women Nanotechnology and its impact on changing and developing the properties of materials in the interior design Interactive design and its impact on Interior design and furniture Holographic texture inspired by the vases of Islamic art Develop a methodology to improve the quality of design of metal furniture products in light of the concepts of systems theory Ceramic Tiles in the Mihrab of Al-Kashef Mosque in Assiut Applying Light Physical Characteristics as One of the Visual Phenomena in Sustainable Interior Architecture
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Volume 2- Issue 8 – April 2022

The role of the Egyptian designer in the development of slums and the development of design vocabulary for service areas as one of the most important axes of sustainable development The role of color in the design of an interactive tourism poster using a QR code The role of advertising in bringing about a state of happiness for the recipient The impact of digital fashion on fashion designers in light of the current digital revolution The Functional Value of Smart Materials in Design of Luminous Jewellery The effect of using smart sportswear technology The effect of using insulating materials on improving the productivity rate of T-shirt line workers in ready-made garments factories The aesthetics of the elements that make up the houses of the city of Fez el-Bali in Morocco - descriptive analytical study Temporary facilities and their role in achieving the new needs of cultural centers in Egypt Studying the effect of the structural structures of warp knitted fabrics for treating seawater from oil slicks using polyurethane Multi-purpose furniture and its role in educational facilities in light of the current crises Modern Digital technology and its role in Cinematography using available light Managing the interior design projects using BIM Technology in Egypt Improving the Production Variables and Designing Innovative Complete Garment Pieces on Seamless Weft Knitting Machine Employing visual thinking skills in creating design formulas in the field of designing decorative iron products Comparison Study of core spun yarns properties of some cellulosic fibers A comparative study between the countries of the Middle East and the United States of America
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Volume 2- Issue 7 – February 2022

Volume 1- Issue 6 – December 2021

The symbolism of the movie Al-Aragoz and its role in consolidating the values of Egyptian society (Analytical documentation study) The story of Moses and its Artistic style method in the European Manuscripts painting from 13th – 17th A.D The Role of the Ninth Art to Reducing the Risk of Environmental pollution The role of green buildings in energy conservation The Potential of the Portrait and its Use in Enriching the Woven Artifact The impact of digitization on government services in Egypt Application ... Construction Reconciliation Law ... The Caravaggist and the Revival of Seventeenth Century Features in “Utrecht” Murals Sustainable Design of the Urbanization and Investment of Archaeological Sites Stripes as a formational and functional value to find innovative Furniture design solutions Implementing dynamic branding categories for designing cultural brands logo Effect of- Islamic motif sizes and filament types- for 3D printing fabrics on drapeability properties Devolopment of temporary joining elements in lightweight metal systems between complexity of form and simplicity of installation (Analytical study) Contemporary Arab Fine Art Creations for Women's One-Piece Textile Printing Design Conservation Techniques of an Archaeological Copper Tray in the Colour Semantics and Symbol in Abdel Hady El- Gazar's Artworks Aesthetic Values of the Elements of Jordanian Heritage and Its Use in The Interior Design of the Reception Area for Tourist Facilities Achieving the Harmonic Forming of Interior Design & Furniture Elements through Algorithmic Theories A Comparison Study of Yarns Produced by Ring Spinning System
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Volume 1- Issue 5 – October 2021

Study of the impact of brand development for small enterprises for clothing production factories Semantic compositional structure in Artwork Plastic values of Arabic calligraphy in the windows in the Islamic era Physical and Formal Equilibrium in Furniture Nature Values as A Sensual and Tangible Inspiring in The Formation of Interior Design Materials Geometric Shapes in Sadu as Element to Maintain the Kuwaiti Identity in Interior Design Ergonomic Considerations to be Taken into Account in Designing Functional Knobs for Industrial Products Effectiveness of digital design thinking and the evolution of digital textile printing technology Creating Contemporary Parametric Fashion Designs Inspired by Islamic Motifs Using 3D Printing Applying Dynamic Branding Tate Gallery Rebranding Comparative Case Study Achieving the methods of the photo collage and photomontage arts in contemporary advertising poster for art students in Egypt The role of E-learning in developing design courses in art colleges in light of emergency pandemics The impact of the internal design of the educational environment on the innovative skills of the child The Impact of the form of Journalistic Photograph and its Content in Jordanian Daily Newspapers on Receiver The Esthetic Values of depicting the Crocodile in Pre- Dynasty and Old Kingdom The Durka and its relation to the entrance location in the elevation from the point of view of energy science The design of printed hanging using the illusory third dimension through the artist Edwin long works
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Volume 1- Issue 4 – August 2021

Volume 1- Issue 3 – June 2021


Volume 1- Issue 2 – April 2021

Volume 1- Issue 1 – February 2021