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Volume 3- Issue 15 – June 2023

Happiness theory as a mission to design interior space for Senior Subjective Well Being in elderly care homes Employing the aesthetics of folklore in creating print designs that support Egyptian tourism Egyptian rural heritage as an entry point to decorative design Developing creative designs strategy for social media campaign Archaeology Support the Industrial Design History Applying the Methodology of Kinetic Art on Contemporary Dynamic Architecture Application of Gamification on Remote Teaching for Theoretical Specialization Subjects in Faculties of Engineering and Arts Aesthetics of Kufic calligraphy in Islamic architecture as a source for digital design of metal jewelry Aesthetic formation between sculpture and ceramics in achieving three-dimensional shapes Advertising Activity Dimensions for Influencers on Social Media Platforms A visual guideline of designing info-graphic The Sustainable interior design for design halls in art faculties to face climate change in the twenty-first century The Role of Museum’s Dynamic Identities in Enhancing Receiver ’s loyalty The Influence of the Bantoue Philosophy on African American Contemporary Mural Painting The Industrial Designer Role in Reducing the Economic The effect of using lighting design and color correction in highlighting the dramatic meaning The connection of arts with multiple cultures and its role in building society Preferring Art & Design Education Candidates Practice of therapeutic splinting as a folk cultural heritage
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