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Volume 8 – Issue 40 – July 2023

The Contributions of Mehmet 'Ali the Wali of Egypt, the reforming and architectural works The Cognitive Theories of The interpretation of Art Appreciation for Postmodern Arts The art of makeup as an aesthetic value in the cinematic film The Aesthetics of Content in the Art of the Cobra The aesthetic values of the murals of Iranian Islamic places in the Safavid era The aesthetic dimensions of European surrealism philosophy and content Technical and technical aspects used to monitor folk festivals using 4K cameras technology Proposal to make a model for a smart jacket suitable for workers for the temperature menu Plant waste and using it as a creative medium in making contemporary sculptures Optimization of multi response problem of quality characteristics in offset press using experimental design Kinetic design principles for structural systems for architectural spaces Interaction Technics and its Implementation into Designing Interactive fidget-friendly classroom furniture Inherited values in Islamic Architecture in Egypt Influencers Marketing Via social media and its role in enhancing the competitive advantage Humorous Visual Content and Its Effect on Social Media Users in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic Formality compatibility and its relation to the poster as one of the graphic design creations Emotional Dissonance and Its Relationship of the Recipient’s Behavior in Interactive Advertising Designing An Art Virtual Exhibition Through Applying Design Thinking Strategy Combining calligraphy and plant motifs as a starting point for achieving a formative vision of the metal work Civilizational communication and its relationship to the architectural and physical heritage Building laws and their impact on architecture and urbanism in Egypt Bamboo is a Sustainable Healthy Eco-friendly material for Interior Design and Furniture Artistic Trends of the Actual Motion and its Impact on Dynamics of the Artistic Work Art schools followed in Mural paintings inside Ancient Egyptian Tombs Analytical study of the big five traits theory for apparel consumers segmentation An analytical and applied study of Encaustic painting technique Amazigh art fees as an added aesthetic value to enrich glass art products Activate the Field Training to develop the students’ professional skills Case study A Human Perspective on the Interior Design of Contemporary Hotel Lobbies in the Middle East Way-finding strategy for Healthcare Environments Visual image and expression directed to the child in Media Age Utilizing some Fabric Structure Factors of Gobelin fabrics in Obtaining new color effects Towards a framework for the transformation to smart and resilient cities on the road to recovery The Importance of Upgrading Mosque Furniture and Accessories The identity of creativity in advertising in graphic design and its impact on the job The Functional and Morphological Symbolic Significance of Some Tombstones Models from the Kirklar Cemetery The effectiveness of using the animation technique in building the mental image of the logo The duality of art and science through neurotransmitters an applied study in the field of visual art The drama of light and shadow and their impact within the artwork The design requirements for converting the press photo into a documentary image with metrics
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