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Volume 7 – Issue 31 – January 2022

Objective Methodology to Assess Animated Films Both in Academia and Film Festivals Necessary considerations for drawing halls in Interior design studios Islamic geometric motifs in modular design for women clothes Interior design and furnishing criteria for Group workspaces to achieve work environment that stimulates creativity and innovation Interior Design Aesthetics of Reception Foyer Interactive interior design and its impact on improving the performance of libraries Illuminating Printing as an Input to Add Aesthetic Values to The Clothing of Cyclists Formative Values of Pictograph Art as an Innovative Source for Enriching Textile Printed Hangings Design Environmental legacies and their impact on designing the interior spaces of modern residential homes in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ecotourism and applying the concept of sustainability in interior design and furniture in Nabq Nature Reserve Developing Therapeutic Tourism in Egypt through Environmental Architecture Designing the Infographic as an Advertisement in Awareness Campaign Cultural Changes and Flexibility in Residential Architectural Design Creative values of painting in the twentieth century Augmented Reality as one of the effective solutions to strengthen the link between design and production Artificial light and its effect on the aesthetic values of contemporary mural sculpture Application of comparative life cycle assessment to a proposed build-ing for reduced environmental impacts Aesthetics adoring leather ribbons and Arabesque art Aesthetic shaping for ballet performances and contemporary girl’s textile prints design Academic Library as an Entrance for Developing of Creative Thinking Skills in the Light of Interior Design and Printed Hanging Textiles A study of the trends of the retired elderly in community service and development A study of The Thermal Comfort Perception on Campus Outdoor Urban Spaces- Special Reference to Hot Arid Climatic Zones The semiology of protest art and encrypted technology techniques The Role of Classrooms Interior Design in Creating a Creativity Supportive Environment in the Shade of the New Education Philosophy The reciprocal relationship between scenography and the art of installation The potential of Libyan clay in ceramic industries The philosophy of the mythological chronological dimension as a narrative dimension in the formulation and formation of the internal space The Most Significant Troubles Caused by Disregarding Design Considerations in Plating Products Electrically The Mechanisms Used to Measure the Indoor Air Quality in Classrooms The Impact of using 3D Printing on developing the Architectural Ceramic Design The Fractal Implementations in Fashion Design The Egyptian Identity in Interior Design & Furniture on the River Nile Waterfronts park The effect of twisting threads on the surface contact of curtain fabrics The effect of Bauhaus School on furniture and architecture Technological treatments for the glitch art to Enrich the Design Visual Image in Light of the Global Trends Technological sustainability in garden and park furniture using textile fibers like banana and glass fibers to achieve high durability with the help of highly pure epoxy compounds Some trends in modern mathematics resulting from the integration of science, engineering and interior design) Algorithm, Ornamatics ( Reviving and Preserving Cultural Heritage and Antiquities Using Three-dimensional Survey and Mixed Reality Technology Publication and study of the text of Sabil al-Dhanushri - dated 1127 AH published for the first time Profitable urban public spaces significant role in building safer and more sustainable societies
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