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Volume 6 – Issue 27 – May 2021

variables related to the methods of implementing computer augmented education programs as an introduction to textile teaching for art education student of faculty of specific education Using Innovative Decorative Designs for securing The Egyptian Universities Temporary Graduation Certificate Stamps using augmented reality in the production of interactive educational Aids for applied arts courses Training Program for Enriching the Creative and Aesthetic Skills in Creating Designs of Indian Attire and decorating them Using Asiri art The use of pottery and ceramics in the games industry at the ancient Egyptian civilization The role of building codes in supporting the spread of the green architecture applications in the Arab Republic of Egypt The Musical Maqam as a new criterion in criticism of visual artwork The Merging mechanisms of interactive techniques in printed Advertising applications and its applicability in Egypt The Integrative Relationship Between Design and Function in smart government applications in Egypt. The impact of Gestalt theory on the photographic art image Composition The flexibility of the constructional legislation as one of the factors promoting the architectural innovation environment The effective impact of using computer programs in design of glass jewelry using casting method The Effect of the Difference in Demographic Variables Techniques for Showing Movement in Digital Photography Technical factors affecting the luster and shine development in Islamic metallic luster between (9-15) AD Shaping the identity of the furniture designer through his influence on local cultural values and future visions of design Renewable Energy Applications In Heritage Spaces With Digital Solutions Proposed Strategy to Emphasize Cultural Values and Identity in Graphic Design Printmaking As a Tool for Social and Political Change in America Paintings of Mahmoud Said as a Colorful Memorial in Egypt for Collective Memory Noise Risk Management In Buildings According To The Leadership Systems In Energy And Environmental Design Modern Vision of Andalusian Era Motifs to Enrich the Decorative Design of Curtain Printed Fabrics Mega Trend of Attention Economy Impact on Advertising Islamic Studies in Germany A cultural bridge between the East and the West Enriching evening clothes using aesthetics of smocking style in the design on dress stand Elements of architectural formation as a vital demand in environmental design Dialectic relationship between Materialistic and Intellectual Structural Elements in Contemporary Artwork Designing Advergames For Awareness Campaigns An Engaging Tool Creative conception in the design of awareness advertising campaigns to achieve sustainable development Applying High Technology in Reusing Wood Industrial Process Waste Based on Sustainability Principles Application of sustainable design strategies to improve the competitiveness of apparel products in the Egyptian market An introduction to sustainable preservation of heritage buildings An analytical study of the fashion of the Ottoman women in the turkish dramatic work (Qusem Sultan) and benefiting from it in creating contemporary clothing designs A Unique Tulunids Dirham Named after Khumarawayh bin Ahmed Coined in Hims 278 A.H. A Study of Some Heritage Artifacts Based on Alabaster Stone in Ancient Egyptian Art A philosophical Vision to Enhance the Insurance and Heritage Information Value for Designing the New Egyptian Polymer Banknotes A new educational unit to enhance the skillful performance of home economics students in the graduation project A future vision for the open air theater performances in Minya A comparison study to develop the strategy for designing traditional Glass products in Egypt A case study for the curriculum of Touristic Facilities Design to bridge the gap between academic courses and the interior designers’ practical implementation
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