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Volume 3- Issue 17 – October 2023

Vocational habilitation of special needs children in the principles of the jewelry industry User manuals development in light of digital transformation technology Towards the Application of the Ecotourism Principles Methodology in Egypt The woman as plastic Icon to create a one-piece print design for women’s clothing The sustainability of architecture between the past and the present The role of interior design for teenage rooms in helping them overcome that age stage with internal and external psychological influences The effect of using decorative threads on the aesthetic aspect of women's fabrics produced on knitting machines according to the structural compositions The different presentation types of relief sculpture and its effect on formation style and topics in The Ancient Egyptian Culture The design process from the womb of a living urban space The Artistic Pillars of the Arabic Character between Stillness and Movement The aesthetic effect of the surface texture as a formative element and Benefiting from it in enriching Designs suitable for textile hangings Mutual influences between advertising trends and their impact on consumer behavior Innovating a design methodology to produce artistic flame-work glass products Essential skills to be continually developed among education technology specialists for limited production of educational materials Design of sculptural product with an Egyptian cultural character Creating print designs for textile hanging fabrics inspired by the Susanna embroideries patterns Color and its relationship to Trademark perception through the subjective experience of the target audience Architectural form and Dynamic Architecture technology Advertising discourse and mediation A Comparison between The Wakala of Al- Gouri in the Mamluk era and The wakala of Bazara in the Ottomanera in Cairo Advertising discourse and mediation
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