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Volume 2- Issue 12 – December 2022

Effect of Using Microfiber Yarns in Improving of Performance and Comfort Properties of Summer Clothing Fabrics Education Challenges and Sustainable Development in the Era of COVID 19 Design of Printed Textile Hangings between Material and Anthology of Design Structure Creating interactive ceramic murals based on the realistic trend Ceramics and urban landscape design Analytical study of urban furniture in coastal cities Benefit from the Aesthetic Values of the Egyptian Heritage in Creating Sculpture murals Architectural and decorative elements of the facades and entrances of the palaces and pavilions in Istanbul African art has an aesthetic and plastic value in the design of printed textile pendants Aesthetics of the functional trend in architecture and its impact on modern furniture design Achieving Structural Systems in nature Through the art of doodle as an as an Expert input to Teach Decorative designs Tourism Sector and Sustainable Development in Arab World During Covid-19 The wooden ceiling in the Great Mosque in Sana'a The revival of heritage buildings activates cultural tourism in the State of Kuwait The Philosophy of Scenography in The Amarna Period The importance of modern computer technology in the university education system Possessive Adjectives in the Late Egyptian Grammar and its Popularity in the D'Orbiney Papyrus EA.10183 Minimalism as concept in interior architecture design Illustrations and their role in communicating informational contents for students of the Faculty of Medicine Experimental plastic visions to benefit from it in implementing innovative clothes for women Employing the Light Emitted by the Diode to Show the Aesthetics
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