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Volume 1- Issue 6 – December 2021

The symbolism of the movie Al-Aragoz and its role in consolidating the values of Egyptian society (Analytical documentation study) The story of Moses and its Artistic style method in the European Manuscripts painting from 13th – 17th A.D The Role of The Ninth Art to Reducing the Risk of Environmental pollution The role of green buildings in energy conservation The Potential of the Portrait and its Use in Enriching the Woven Artifact The impact of digitization on government services in Egypt Application ... Construction Reconciliation Law ... The Caravaggist and the Revival of Seventeenth Century Features in “Utrecht” Murals Sustainable Design of the Urbanization and Investment of Archaeological Sites Stripes as a formational and functional value to find innovative Furniture design solutions Implementing dynamic branding categories for designing cultural brands logo Effect of- Islamic motif sizes and filament types- for 3D printing fabrics on drapeability properties Devolopment of temporary joining elements in lightweight metal systems between complexity of form and simplicity of installation (Analytical study) Contemporary Arab Fine Art Creations for Women's One-Piece Textile Printing Design Conservation Techniques of an Archaeological Copper Tray in the Colour Semantics and Symbol in Abdel Hady El- Gazar's Artworks (Analytical study) Aesthetic Values of the Elements of Jordanian Heritage and Its Use in The Interior Design of the Reception Area for Tourist Facilities Achieving the Harmonic Forming of Interior Design & Furniture Elements through Algorithmic Theories A Comparison Study of Yarns Produced by Ring Spinning System,
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